EASY DIY RECIPES • Youtubers Life Gameplay

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Aleks and James try their hand at a game that replicates what they have been doing for years. A game about being successful in the Youtube business. Will they crash and burn without leaving their mark in the high scores of Youtube? Or will they use their combined knowledge to make the greatest cooking channel we have ever seen? Probably a little bit of both. Or neither.

The following is for those multicultural.

Non, ce n’est pas vraiment le nouveau quartier général. Je n’aime pas être sans abri, et manquer cette maison de merde, moisi, malodorante mais chaude. En fin de compte, la chatte nous rendait plus forts. Merci pour ça, chatte.

Fumar marihuana cada día. Sólo quería ver cómo decir eso en español, ya que nos estamos moviendo tan cerca de la frontera.

EASY DIY RECIPES • Youtubers Life Gameplay
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26 Responses

  1. ShadowAK says:

    please dont make this into a series this game is so boring

  2. Yo, the add that played before this video was one of those full length buzz feed videos. Then i watch the video and straight trash buzz feed. This is great.

  3. jarfun says:

    nice shirt aleks. you should be on their podcast lol

  4. DrizzyPuffs says:

    My favorite series :^)

  5. Mclovin says:

    what a dork! using james's house!

  6. How you white with a high top fade

  7. Why Ein so skinny?! She's more better looking when she chubby. ^.^

  8. is Aleks afraid of Ein?

  9. Alpha Blaq says:

    Yall still using video annotations? End Screens my guys

  10. Aren't those the chairs they had in the basement of the old creature house?

  11. I like how you guys pretended you did this on a different day but your guys are wearing the same clothes as last video

  12. ivan sinful says:

    when James was talking about the pattern of "indifference" in the begining of the video, i feel he was projecting himself. if that be true, i wish the best for you James.

  13. Levi says:

    I demand you guys recreate each video you guys make in this game. fuc

  14. hey there says:

    You know who else would've posted easy diy recipe videos? Norman Jayden.

  15. Agent Johnny says:

    4:15 you can hear the experience in aleks voice when he says that, like hes said it before 100 times

  16. shower me with love papa ≧ω≦

  17. Astroxy says:

    is the dog named after Ein from Cowboy Bebop?

  18. I love the corgo, make a whole video of corgo or you will die in the next three days 100% fact no kappa

  19. Roosa Gaming says:

    Check out my latest video where I accidentally kill James 🙁

  20. Y'all don't know nothing about the S.S. YOUTUBE MONEY!!

  21. kent rio says:

    You would think Aleks loves meat because of how gay his intro is

  22. NatanReddy says:

    video: 10/10
    joe's smile: 11/10

  23. ravenousbear says:

    is that a RAZER DEATHADDER in the post roll???

  24. G_Boy says:


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