Potato Noodles Stew Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Potato Noodles Stew Recipe by Heghineh http://heghineh.com/potato-noodles-stew
Turned my mom’s beef stew into potato noodles stew and really enjoyed how it turned out.
As a child, I loved that thick, spicy and flavorful goodness with lots of my favorite potatoes and soft egg noodles, of course it had beef chunks since it was a beef stew. Strangely , I never liked eating the meat part of the meal, and no, I’m not a vegetarian , I’d always take some of the broth, good portions of potatoes, noodles and be happy.

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14 Responses

  1. Today it's cold and rainy. This sounds perfect. ?

  2. inch hamexeee yev hetakrkir Hexine jan

  3. Looks so yummy // cannot wait to try it tomorrow ?

  4. Looks so yummy // cannot wait to try it tomorrow ?

  5. Barev Hexine jan amen inc aynqan gexecik es patrastum u nerkayacnum, vstah em naev hamex, uzum em baremaxtanq asem "anspar erand unenas"

  6. Vonc ei karotel Dzez.Aranc Dzez mi ban karces pakas lini.Indz hamar dardzel eq harazat mi mard, aranc vori shat djvar e.Shat hargum u sirum em.Es arhasarak voch mekin qoment chem grum, Duq miak mardn eq, um handep xosqers chem xnayum shraylel.Orinakeli eq amen inchum.

  7. Lucky Ellen says:

    I liked it, thank you. I will make it tomorrow!

  8. you are gorgeous. I'm addicted to your both channels. Shat snorakalutiun from Canada.

  9. Hi Heghineh jan ? Mmmmm it looks very appetizing! Super?Thank you for such of emotional video ❤

  10. Ani Pie says:

    Dang! Another great recipe! Thank you so much! I'm so glad I found your channel (I think it was 1 year ago). FYI: I'm a teacher here in Germany and teach German and geography and also German to refugee children and teens. In my class I have some boys from Afghanistan and Syria and I sometimes cook with them. They love your Armenian food. I know it's not food from their countries, but some of it is very similar to what they're used to. My boys loved your cheese borek, zaatar bread and falafel. Sending you and your lovely family much love. Keep up your amazing work, because you make a lot of people happy!

  11. I will definitely make this tomorrow.

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