3 Healthy Recipes | Dessert and Sweet Treats

3 simple, and easy recipes to help kick your sweet tooth to the curb! Thank you to Lifesum for sponsoring this video! I hope you enjoy, xo

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Peanut Butter Banana Quesadillas
Recipe found here: https://www.budgetbytes.com/2013/05/peanut-butter-banana-quesadillas/

1 whole wheat tortilla
2 TBSP PB fit
1/2 medium banana
1 TBSP dark chocolate chips

Greek Yogurt and Strawberry Parfait available recipe available on the Lifesum app!

Fruit Dips:
Recipe found here: http://sweetpeasandsaffron.com/2017/02/3-greek-yogurt-fruit-dips-meal-prep-idea.html

1/2C vanilla greek yogurt
1.3 TBS honey
1 TBS cocoa powed3r
1/4 TSP vanilla
Pinch of cinnamon

Almond Butter:
1/2C vanilla greek yogurt
1.5 TBS honey
1 TBS almond butter
1/4 TSP vanilla
1/8 TSP cinnamon


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30 Responses

  1. GainsGoddess says:

    ALSO CAN WE JUST LOOK AT YOUR SUBSCRIBER COUNT WHAT WHAT <3 hehehehe i love you so so much <3

  2. This was an awesome video for us with a sweet tooth! I'm not sure if you have already made this video, but could you make one explaining all the supplements you use and how to pick out the right kind for ourselves? Thank you, love you so much! xoxo

  3. My motivation! love you girl ! since I found you my life has changed! 🙂 you funny and super talented! This Saturday I have my final PT assessment -aaaaa! I have added some of your workouts to my plan so my motivation will be there to help me pass! kisses.
    Barbara xxx

  4. I love you so much!! you have a great personality and you're so pretty!! also I have a huge sweet tooth so thank you for making this video!!

  5. That's me too everyday is war between me and sweets ??


  7. Ohmymandy says:

    I use lifesum everyday to track my macros thanks to you!

  8. Erin Adams says:

    Thank you- this was really helpful!

  9. Love your vids informative and funny. you look different in this one must be the way you've done your makeup! so pretty ?

  10. Maggie arias says:

    I already download the app.. thanks for your tips you're awesome.

  11. Ashley Gill says:

    I literally ate a whole bag of sour patch watermelon two days ago ??? I seriously need to make one of these recipes to fulfill sweet tooth, they all look bomb!! ??

  12. lianasaya says:

    Yes!! I need to make these right now <3

  13. Love this makeup look on you ?
    ahhh i love sweets! Fruit has so many benefits!

  14. You make me smile so much ? Thanks for being you ! Just love your attitude ❤

    love your work girlfriend x

  16. I love that you don't show your ManFriends face ?? does any one remember that show home improvement, and their neighbor Wilson or something? Lol same

  17. spunkdd says:

    whitney. i love you girlllll! ?❣️ thank you for the fitness inspo

  18. Wheerrrees the link to your favorite meal prep containers???? ???

  19. I don't need sweets, I need savory ?

  20. what are sour patch watermelons

  21. Emily Ellis says:

    ohmagahd, how I love you ❤?❤

  22. "half a bananer" ily whit

  23. Actually fruits are still healthy especially if they are fresh fruit seeing as fruit are high in vitamins and the sugar that is in them are natural and therefore are way more healthier than anything if it is fresh fruit, so to all the haters aka dumbass people who say fruit isn't healthy for you, maybe check your facts and stop hating on those that are trying to better themselves and still want something sweet

  24. Ooo I wanna try Lifesum but I'm using MFP right now. Is there a way to transfer data (weight progress etc.) to the app from MFP?

  25. Mickeyla x says:

    Super Video! I have a question, sweetie. How many calories you eat? 🙂

  26. Watching this eating a kitKat and now I feel guilty… I'll try those! 🙂

  27. Debstep says:

    I will definately try some of these cause I crave sweets allll the time haha

    Also, I love your channel! You motivate me to workout and eat healthier. Plus, you're hilarious 🙂 I feel like people don't let others know they appreciate them enough. So I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and how you inspire people.

    You go glen coco!

  28. ncolett says:

    OMG!! loove it when you post recipe ideas ????? SO EASY!!! It always takes my mealprep game higher Lmao ???? Thanks sooo much With! ?????

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