Week of School Lunches April 2017 Ep. 2 – School Lunch Ideas

Here is what kids had for lunch last week, 4/10-4/13. It was a four day week but I hope you enjoy!

Thank you to everyone for commenting on my previous video. The giveaway winner has been selected and contacted. I love interacting via comments so please let me know if you or your kids have tried something new that became a favorite item to take along for lunch.

Thanks so much for watching and subscribing. Please share if you liked anything about the lunch ideas.

Cool calm and Mom


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13 Responses

  1. Noshaba Agha says:

    Love the small bottle for ketchup and syrup very good idea

  2. Nick&austin says:

    hahaha ur son says my mom loves me very much ' sorta' haha.. good lunches the pasta looks good .

  3. Citymom says:

    hahah. we just got some Nutella sticks today for the first time… and they are so yummy! I think next time I'll pick up some for myself 😉

  4. Ema Bajlovic says:

    Hello! Would you mind sharing the recipe for the homemade chicken patties when you have some time? Thank you!

  5. hi there my name is melissa higgins I am from scotland. I am love you videos. I hope you .and you family are OK .xxx ??☺

  6. Thank you for the great lunch ideas! Love your videos!

  7. Nana Papa says:

    You are a very good mother!

  8. Faten Asmar says:

    Love the videos! Lots if ideas for lunch
    Keep them coming !

  9. Nida Suleman says:

    Can u start making lunch for me plz? i am a big fan, thanks

  10. Was the chicken, potato carrot dish a one pan recipe?

  11. yatta lovee. says:

    Awesome!! Where do you get the small naked juices ?

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