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1-Baked Beans


1 large Onions
2 Garlic clove
1 tbsp Paprika
1 tbsp mustard powder
600g drain mixed beans, such as cannellini, borlotti, butter
2 tbsp Worcester sauce
500ml Passata
2 large Tomatoes
2-3 sprigs rosemary
2 tablespoon soft brown sugar
2 tablespoons tomato puree
Sourdough to serve

Chop the onions, garlic and tomatoes. In a large saucepan heat a tablespoon or so of olive oil.

Add to this your onions and garlic and tomatoes. Let this cook down slightly, then add in the paprika, mustard powder, salt and pepper to coat the veg.

After a minute or two, add in your beans. Give them a good stir and add the remaining ingredients. Let this cook after for 20 minutes or until thick and sticky.

Meanwhile toast off your sourdough ready for the beans. Discard the rosemary stalks and dish up. delish.

2-Avocado & Radish Dip
3-Spring Salad


Bunch of asparagus
6 Baby leeks
1 Chicory heart
1 large courgette
30g blanched hazelnuts, roughly chopped
8 slices of pancetta
30g feta

For the dressing
1 part sherry vinegar
3 parts olive oil
Small bunch of chives
Small bunch of parsley
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
salt /pepper

Heat up your griddle pan for a few minutes whilst you prep your vegetables. Slice the leeks lengthways, trim the asparagus, slice the courgettes into ½ inch slices.

Add your nuts to the griddle and toast for a minute or two before adding your pancetta. Cook on both sides for a minute or two and then remove to a plate and set aside.

Once all the veg are ready, toss in a little lemon and oil and place snuggly on the hot griddle, you may need to do this in batches.

Whilst they charr, make up the dressing. Finely chop up the herbs and add to a suitable size jar or pot. Add the mustard, salt and pepper and then the quantities of oil to vinegar. Shake well. Toss the salad with the dressing, scatter over the nuts, add the pancetta and tear over the feta.

4-Thai Kebabs


100g Prawns
2 Peppers, mixed colours
1 medium aubergines
100g cherry tomatoes
For the marinade
Small bunch coriander
2 Lemongrass
2 garlic cloves
½ tbsp Soy sauce
1 tbsp Rice vinegar
Small piece of ginger

Roughly chop all your veg into equal chunk and place in a bowl with the cleaned prawns and cherry tomatoes.

Meanwhile, roughly chop your coriander and place in a food processor. Trim the lemongrass, take the hard outer leaves of and lightly bash.

Roughly chop and add to the processor with the soy sauce and rice vinegar. Loosen with a little water if needed.

When in a coarse paste, marinade the kebab ingredients and either leave overnight for a fuller flavour, or cook immediately if prefered. Serve with salad and rice.

5-Apricot and Sage sausage rolls


400g Sausage Meat
1 Small Shallot, very finely chopped
75g Dried Apricots, very finely chopped
Handful of Sage leaves, very finely chopped
320g roll of ready made Puff Pastry
1 egg, beaten
Flour for dusting
Nigella seeds for sprinkling

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a bowl, thoroughly mix your sausage meat, shallot, apricots and sage.

Lightly dust a surface with a little flour, and lay your pastry out flat. Cut in half lengthways to create two long pieces of pastry. In the centre of each, place your sausage mixture in a long line down the middle, pressing it so that it’s smooth and compact.

Brush some eggwash along one side of the pastry, and fold the other side over the sausage, and press to seal, using a fork. Repeat on other, then cut each long roll into seven pieces, and place these onto your lined baking sheet.

Brush each individual sausage roll with eggwash, then sprinkle with nigella seeds (or any other seed you have available) then put them in the oven fo 30 minutes or until the pastry is golden and puffed up.

6-Sushi Burrito


2 Nori
1 ½ prepared sushi rice
1 Tuna steak
1 tsp wasabi paste
1 ripe avocado
1 tbsp good quality mayonnaise
½ a small cucumber
1 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp soy sauce
Optional – pickled ginger

7-Breakfast Casserole

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