10 Secret Fast Food Meals Restaurants Are Hiding!

top 10 hidden menu items you can actually order at popular restaurants
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Whether you view fast food as an occasional indulgence, or a part of your weekly routine, you’re probably only used to ordering what you see on the menu. And while we don’t blame you for that- after all, that’s what the menu is there for-why not try something different for once? Live a little, and order off the menu less traveled. Many of your favorite fast food chains offer secret menus that most customers have never even heard of. They carry everything from breakfast sandwiches to desserts, to massive burgers you won’t believe exist. We have all stepped inside the golden arches of McDonalds, but have you really taken advantage of their new breakfast hours? You might be surprised that you can get crepes, or even a Brunch Burger now! Five Guys and Burger King are both known for offering tantalizing side dishes, but we’ll show you some tricks to ensure you never have to choose between onion rings or fries, or fries and Cajun fries ever again. You might think you’ve tried every combination of ingredients at Chipotle and Taco Bell, but we might just shock you with how some people choose to mix them up. The mashed potatoes at KFC are heavenly, but have you ever considered ordering them as anything other than a side dish? If you already have trouble choosing your favorite beverage at Starbucks or Jamba Juice, you might be totally overwhelmed when you see how many options they have that aren’t even on the main menu!

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49 Responses

  1. Fatih Ülker says:

    Whose watching in ramadan?

  2. Vega_Ova9000 says:

    They forgot BK's veggie burgers!

  3. Cubing 123 says:

    I'm early yayyy hahahahah lol I'm weird


  5. John 2Hot4U says:

    Jack in the box has 2 tacos for 1$ ???

  6. There is no real "secret menu", you just piss the workers off by ordering weird food combos that aren't listed on the regular menu, lol

  7. Arkidazz A says:

    Lol, this Chanel is dying

  8. HighNinja says:

    From time to time?

  9. Debunk this Jack in the Box misconceptions
    They no longer have turkey and the ice cream is only one flavor and it's vanilla
    Nothing close to mint there

  10. MichaeLemon says:

    I dip kfc in Chick-fil-A sauce

  11. Carlie Jones says:

    My Father ate entire meat mountain, and he could still eat more. (And Before he is not even close to being the slightest overweight.)

  12. them:peaches and cream
    me:*automatically sings* "Sweeter than sweet"

  13. Asad Talpur says:

    its ramadan, im fasting, wtf the richest

  14. Ya know what sounds good? A big mac without the bun. You then have a Bigmac salad, plus, it probably has less sugar than the actual salads they have! the salads have more sugar in them, if you didnt know.

  15. Rakesh says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are Red
    My bushes are red


  16. Meme Loaded says:

    40+ fucking seconds of HIT THAT FUCKING SUBSCRIBE BUTTON ?

  17. Jake Zook says:

    Hmmmm. I'm guessing the meat cube is either from In N' Out or Burger King

  18. King George says:

    Sick of these dumbass tests

  19. Beavis says:

    ….of course u use buzzfeed photos I expected u to be one of those….people.

  20. We aren't here to udge your burrito choices.

  21. LIES its all lies ;-; I asked my fiance to bring me a meat cube from wendys and he didnt even know what it was and hes been there for a couple years, there is no secret menu

  22. cong dang Le says:

    I order an Oreo frappe from Starbucks… yes it from the secret menu

  23. Please stop quizzing us. It's getting REALLLLLLLLYYY annoying.

  24. you forgot the "Mc gangbang" from McDonald's it's actually good

  25. hears about Jamba Juice a million times

    Still can't find the restaurant

  26. Nathan Ortiz says:

    ( • – • )
    Take this burger

  27. Dank hill says:

    I was right about the meat cube lol that's how you know I'm a fat fuck XD

  28. Some of these items are only for insatiable gluttons.
    A Cap'n Crunch Frappucino? Instant diabetes.
    "3 beef patties, 2 chicken patties and a bun" is bigger than an opening of any mouth at a dentist's office. Homophobic men should NEVER order those.
    The Richest? They don't go to Mickey D's or to Starbucks for their acidy tasting coffee; they have a secret culinary service delivering them to their doors.
    The menu is "Secret" because the person who created it is on TV all the time.
    Except for the burger created by an overweight white guy who still is more than likely a homophobe.
    Just my opine.

  29. darkwolfe584 says:

    The McDonald's god burger.
    a double cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, a ton of honey mustard sauce.
    take off the bottom part of the bun on both sandwiches, and slather on the honey mustard.

  30. opposition stiff decrease rifle concentrate conference sink.

  31. Nathan Lee says:

    You forgot the dragon frappuccino for starbucks

  32. Cade Nur says:

    Who's watching during ramadan?

  33. Can I get pinned by my favorite youtuber for no reason?

  34. Worked at Jamba Juice and the only drink they do have is pink star and white Gummie and red gummie the rest of the drinks don't exist they can make it for you if you tell the person working the ingredients but there is no secret menu

  35. BTC 1000 says:

    Ummmmmm my fast food takes half an hour so should I subscribe lol OF COURSE

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