People Try Chrissy Teigen’s Dinner

Could you eat this every night?


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22 Responses

  1. Job You says:

    Wait is that bangus??

  2. fish are friends not food!

  3. I'm sorry but the chick @1:50 clearly only eats fish sticks. That fish looks really good. Do these people not have any sort of culinary experiences outside of tacos and pizza?

  4. I felt they were so rude. She took the time and money to make this and they were so inconsiderate with their responses.

  5. ocean91 says:

    Both the women were spoiled assholes about it.
    That looks amazing! I'll probably try it with some cod or something! It's cheaper and easy to get everywhere in Norway, and its white fish from the ocean so its not THAT different when you add all the flavors.
    Love lemons, love garlic, love olive oil, love rosemary, love fish. Can't go wrong!

  6. …I have no patience for people that hate fish lol

  7. Macario 438 says:

    now i want a fried fish's eyeballs

  8. Fatma Hassan says:

    Where I am from eating fish like that is normal and looked good on

  9. Jennalynn F says:

    LOL it's just fish…. in it's natural form. what's so gross about that? Whenever my grandparents got fish from Chinatown we'd eat it whole over rice! So good.

  10. I know people have their opinions and tastes in food, but I just think it's plain rude when people comment "ew" or something about food. People in different countries eat differently and location, definitely. And I honestly don't like seeing the fishes face either, but it's kind of a respect thing when you're eating any food in general. Growing up, I've had people over or we would go out to eat at a restaurant and they would say how gross something looks. And it's just rude, sometimes it's all people can eat from where they're from. And even if it looks gross, it could taste really good.

  11. Why can't she eat tilapia and donate the saved money to hungry kids?! wow. smdh. That much on food, even if you can afford it. Only for spwcial occasions.

  12. Aya Ghadar says:

    why do Americans hate fish it's so good

  13. Paputsza says:

    Tfw an American has never seen a fish in their life.

  14. awwwkitteh says:

    lol these people be missing out… I love a good fish but admittedly I don't know how to prep it. There's nothing worse than a poorly made fish

  15. The fish looks undercooked

  16. Soad Alam says:

    Why are they acting like it's nasty it's legit just a fish not worms or spiders

  17. Sadly I'm allergic to fish. They made it sound soooooo good!

  18. I only couldn't eat this because I love my fish so much.

  19. VII says:

    literally the REST of the world eats fish like this wtf is wrong with america

  20. most Americans are soooo detached from the reality of their food. smh

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