Treat Diabetes, Cleanse Kidneys Of Toxins, And Cholesterol With Easy Recipes

Treat Diabetes, Cleanse Kidneys Of Toxins, And Cholesterol With Easy Recipes !!

If you want to treat asthma, diabetes, lower your cholesterol count and detoxify your kidneys, then you might want to consider a recipe involving the use of a veggie known as Lady Fingers or otherwise popularly called Okra.

Important Facts About Okra:

A single cup of Okra contains:

• 30 calories
• 2 grams of protein
• 3 grams of fiber
• 21 milligrams of vitamin C
• 0.1 fat
• 7.6 grams of carbohydrates
• 80 milligrams of folate
• 60 milligrams of magnesium
• Okra remains a healthy meal all year round.
• You can eat it fried, stewed, boiled, raw or pickled.

Health Benefits Of Okra:

• It will boost the immune system.
• It can relieve asthma symptoms.
• It helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).
• It is effective in combating diabetes.
• It helps to detoxify the kidneys and rid it of harmful toxins.
• It helps improve the digestive system.

This is an Okra recipe for lowering your blood sugar level.


• Fresh Okra – 4 pieces
• Clean drinking water – 2 to 3 cups


• Get four fresh okra and chop off their tail and head.
• Put the Okra in a bowl of 2 to 3 cups of water, allow the Okra to sit overnight.
• You should strain the water in the morning and drink it before breakfast and on an empty stomach.
• It will help to curb food cravings during the day and when you do not eat excessively your blood sugar doesn’t spike.


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  3. This is the first I have heard of okra doing all of these things. I write about natural remedies supported by science at my website. Do you have any scientific studies to support your claims? For example, garlic has been scientifically proven to help lower cholesterol. I even made a video about 2 big benefits of garlic supported by science.

  4. Nandita Sen says:

    Internet is loaded with so much contradictory information that it is hard to say which one is reliable. Some research have shown that Okra is one of those vegetables that are high in oxalic acid. This acid wretch havoc to your kidneys if you have kidney stones. And you are here to tell us that we should have it more to cleanse our kidneys.

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