AMAZING RAINBOW CAKES & DESSERTS – Satisfying Rainbow Recipe Compilation

Rainbow Mirror Cake, Gravity Defying WLLY WONKA Cake, Magic Rainbow Cupcakes & MORE! This is a compilation style video of some of the BEST Rainbow cakes I’ve made.

There’s always an upside and there’s always a downside but let’s all agree to focus on the Sweeter Side!

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30 Responses

  1. Sophia V says:

    So pretty? I'm really hungry now! Love your videos!?

  2. Sophia V says:

    So pretty? I'm really hungry now! Love your videos!?

  3. Can everyone help me get to 200 subs!

  4. You remind me of Elise from My Cupcake Addiction

  5. Alana Brown says:

    I like your video can you make a video of a special cake about the krusty with people inside it

  6. ZoeZoe 817 says:

    Wasn't this uploaded earlier? I'm not complaining, just wondering!!

  7. pink is not a rainbow color

  8. what about a compilation of single serving desserts or no bake recipes?

  9. I'm a total little girl at heart ♥️ because anything rainbow mesmerizies me! I love your videos! ??????

  10. MissTaegirl says:

    yay! just in time for Pride month!

  11. I love all these rainbow desserts! Elise, you're so creative!

  12. brittney mae says:


  13. guys me and her have something in common…. we both love rainbows!!!!???????????????????????

  14. omg these are perfect for gay pride month


  15. W.D. Ashley says:

    the middle right cupcake is VERY pretty

  16. Antje DIY says:

    Great video! I actually really enjoyed watching. ??????

  17. adi kanias says:

    Why did you delete your last vid!!!!!! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️???????

  18. Gpod Joe says:

    taste the rainbow bitch

  19. Fräulein EE says:

    Wow. i can't this ?

  20. I like the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory cake

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