Doin’ Dinner Episode 117

Yes…I’m a month behind 😉

Hello all! In this video I am sharing our dinner meals and recipes for the weeks of May 20-30, 2017. If you are like me, then you are always looking for new meal ideas. Here are ours! What are you doin’ for dinner?

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15 Responses

  1. All ur plates look delicious.

  2. Rikka Izawa says:

    Sounds like the meal before last was like a dresses up version of what we call casa miento.

  3. Sydney Ozier says:

    We only call it barbecue chicken if it has barbecue sauce or a barbecue rub on it ? We never call a grill a barbecue, and I think that's a southern thing. I'm in Mississippi!

  4. Sydney Ozier says:

    As always, everything looks amazing! You've inspired me for my meal plan for this week ?

  5. Looks soooo yummmyyyyy

  6. agonza says:

    we say grilled.

  7. Yummy!!!Glad to see ya!! Hugs hun..Have A and Happy july 4th????????

  8. The bean and rice bowls looked really good!!! I need to make those! Yum!?

  9. We only call food BBQ if it has the BBQ sauce on it as well. Otherwise it's just grilled. Everything looked very tasty! Love and hugs from Missouri! P.S. Hope everything is going well with the new house too!

  10. We say grilled chicken 🙂

  11. Your doin dinner episodes always make me so freakin hungry ! lol
    I say grilled chicken. Only say bbq if it has sauce on it. Although, I do say we're bbqing chicken for dinner…hmm ok well that's confusing ha. Sorry…I'm no help at all lol 🙂

  12. Boston Gal says:

    I can't watch on a empty stomach! sooo yummy. foodie at heart!

  13. Becky Guyer says:

    This is making me hungry! Wish I lived in your house ?

  14. Hunnie B says:

    Hey Teresa…….oh my gosh…..that soup !! We say Bar-B-Q where I live, and that corn looks so delicious……thanks for sharing girl XO

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