OMG this DIY fluffy slime is amazing! The texture is super soft, stretchy, and fluffy!! Watch to find out how to make it.


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  1. Early squad aka notification squad?

  2. Ami Cuty says:

    Hi Sarahchoxo I love your slime video it really works i love really really your youtube video and i hope you could reply me back and ya get well soon ?

  3. S.House Vids says:

    i love this idea!!, your slime ideas are incredible

  4. where do you get your containers from??

  5. Lotus Candy says:

    Maybe the shaving cream is expired

  6. How old are u? Just asking! No hate

  7. Mina Oreos says:

    Here before 80,000 views. Like if you were too.

  8. Yasss I'm early! 😀

  9. Isabella C says:

    It doesn't really sound like your
    not doing a voiceover?

  10. Isabella C says:

    OK never mind it was just when she was showing the ingredients….oops??

  11. Maia Papaya says:

    Can I have 10 like for my b day today

  12. "Sorry if I look like this"
    Gurl you look better than me anyday

  13. Can u sub to me I'll sub back

  14. I going to try this recipe because i donut have shaving cream

  15. Who is here before this a gets 30k

  16. CCM 101 says:

    I subscrieb and turn on notification

  17. I've been needing this video, my shaving cream did the same thing??

  18. Aya Hwj says:

    Notification Squad where all of y'all at?✋?✋?✋?

  19. I'll sub to anyone who sub to me pls I need to get to 150 subscribers I only have 144 subscribers

  20. Let's play dare or dare

    I dare u too sub to me and I'll sub back

  21. What do you edit with?

  22. 0:40 "I can not make shhhhhhh" lmao sh-?-t??!!

  23. Hi. Like if u read this!

  24. Jennifer says:

    Early squad where ya at ?? ???

  25. Notification SQUADDDDDD

  26. I think you need to put your shaving cream in the fridge…maybe it'll foam up again??

  27. Elianna says:

    im a few minutes late 😛

  28. Good job girl love it! :):)

  29. wow gthis is really col hahhqaahahs <3
    awesome gurle


  31. sophie_av says:

    0:40 almost said sh*t
    litterally me all the time

  32. who else doesn't like when they miss a bubble and you want to hear the bubbles popping 😀 xD

  33. U should make a huge batch of fluffy slime

  34. What do u use to film you're videos

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