Paratha Recipe | Breakfast Recipe Sugar Paratha in Bengali

Paratha Recipe | Breakfast Recipe Sugar Paratha in Bengali

Hey audiences!

I always try to present all the recipes simply. Cooking is an art and it should be present comprehensively. Otherwise everyone can’t make sense about the procedure.

I usually cook the Asian subcontinental recipes. Particularly Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani traditional and non-traditional recipes. I have been making all the Bengali versions of those recipes. After all people love to say those recipes generally “Bangla recipe” or “Bengali recipe”

The categories that I usually follow while cooking: –
1.Traditional recipe
2.non-traditional recipe
3.Bangla recipe
4.Indian recipe
5.Pakistani recipe

People in this subcontinent loves to taste those category foods rather than Chinese, Mexican foods, Spanish dishes or other foreign recipes. And I try to show those particular recipes. So I think you will like my recipes. Please hit the like button and subscribe my channel for more recipes.

Thank you.


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  2. apu tumar recipe gulo onek easy and healthy

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