DIY Healthy(ish) School Lunch Ideas!

Hey guys! In today’s video, I am showing you guys some super yummy (and kind of healthy) lunch ideas for school! If you pack lunch for school, you know that it can be hard to find good things that aren’t totally bad for you and taste good. Plus, the classic PB&J gets old after a while… Luckily, all of these recipes are easy to make, don’t need to be reheated, and taste super good! If you recreate any of these lunch ideas, be sure to tweet me a pic!

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    As soon as it started I heard 5 seconds of summer and I was like already I already love it

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    Hey Ella! Where did you get that choker from? Does anyone know

  6. You are glowing in this video 😍

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  8. SUMMER 2013/14 vibes ahhhh😻 i love this💞💞

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  10. Julia Nguyen says:

    I'm a vegetarian, so u basically made everything with meat in it

  11. Iah Yers says:

    Lol at the obvious fake eating at 5:28

  12. Oh you should collab with LaurDIY or sarah betts!

  13. ella chauder says:

    i love your back to school videos!! can you do back to school healthy breakfast?

  14. Charis Davis says:

    I love your channel Ella. You are so inspiring and I love u. Your videos are so uniquie

  15. Thx for these lunch ideas! Can't wait to taste them all😋

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  17. lol at 2:23 a bug landed on her sandwich at least you can see how great the quality is!! love ya ella

  18. The pizza quesadilla, do you have to heat it up?

  19. Annaxoxo says:

    omg I love your food videos!!

  20. She looks ridicules in the thumb nail

  21. What would you suggest as a substitute for the green onion in the quinoa salad?

  22. Your shirt in the intro is the cutest! Where is it from? ❤

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    Who in school all ready like if you are

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  25. These look so delicious I literally want to take the food out of my screen and eat it!! XX

  26. sees pizza in the thumbnail clicks on the video

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