Healthy Back To School Lunch Ideas!

I hope this video gave you some healthy lunch ideas!
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43 Responses

  1. chloe fabro says:


  2. Kiara Aires says:

    I am obsessed with Nutella!!!!

  3. Where did you get the lunch bag

  4. Always so creative Luca

  5. Brianna Lynn says:

    I love your videos so much omg I love seeing your channel grow

  6. loved these!! where did you get the little lunch bag from ? 🙂

  7. Luv your videos honestly your my favorite youtuber not kidding 😄☺️

  8. Thank you for this video Luca. I love you and your videos soooo much. This video was so helpful. Can you do another Snapchat Q&A❤️💛

  9. I like Nutella but I'm allergic it is so confusing😂

  10. Salma Awwad says:

    Liked this video before I even watched it because I already know it's going to be awesome and helpful:)

  11. pink12345 says:

    when I used to live in the south Publix was literally my second home ahahaa😂😂but great video Luca definitely going to try!! Love you gorgeous❤️❤️

  12. can you ft me on your sc?💖😘😍

  13. gurl your look in the intro was poppin

  14. Nutella is okay but I've only had it like 2-3 times

  15. This video was so good 😍😍

  16. Octavia says:

    your editing is everything 😍

  17. Literally when I saw turkey wrap I was like okay I'll have to put my own twist on it if I make it cause girl, I'm also a vegetarian so I freaked when you said you were too 😂😂😂💖

  18. YES! thank you for this video

  19. at 1:30 its so satisfying 😂and i hate nutella 😁😂

  20. So glad I'm a part of this awesome YouTube fam :))💕

  21. Katie Grace says:

    your editing is everything 😍

  22. Hey Luca! What do editing software do you use to edit your videos?

  23. Valen 365 says:

    So healthy! Love you! 💖

  24. Lunch ideas- … food….. my dudes at my school they literally sell pizza everydayyyyyy and ice cream likeeee what screw being healthy

  25. Lily Fox says:

    Where's the shirt in the intro from I love it!

  26. Hi Luca!!! this is probably really weird but I know you are vegetarian and I wanted to ask you if you check the ingredients in beagles since some of the aren't?

  27. Hadia ayyam says:

    Damn Luca😍 Your hair looks so good curled

  28. Nina Step says:

    I love your channel and this video is honestly beyond helpful because I never know what to make

  29. Love ur back to school videos


  31. I'm on a strictly air diet😉

  32. Abby Burrill says:

    What song is in the very beginning?

  33. luca i love your shirt! where is it from?

  34. Violet L. says:

    You look gorg with your hair down !!💗💗💗

  35. Ellie Tsag says:


  36. Momo Ahmed says:

    Soo pretty;) queen❤️😭😭👑👑

  37. omg I love her so much💕

  38. Allison Malt says:

    Ooo lots of good choices

  39. ag says:

    You deserve so many more subscribers wow keep it up x

  40. Babar Ali says:

    Love u luca keep it up..

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