Healthy Back To School Lunch Ideas

HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON, if that can be happy. If there are anymore last minute back to school videos you guys want to see comment below!


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21 Responses

  1. These look SO GOOD!! Great job!

  2. How long would these keep fresh in the fridge? I'm guessing they're more of a make on the day of kind of lunches.

  3. Kate Cannon says:

    What song she did you is really for the video?? Thank you!


  5. LeLouBeauty says:

    Wow, I've never met someone who loves mustard this much! Haha

  6. make more school videos!

  7. already know I'm going to love it before I watch it

  8. Wish I could do this but my mom checks my lunch to make sure I have some kind of protein in it that's not vegan/ vegetarian 🙁

  9. Great tips! 😀 Please talk about how you're stopping drinking coffee…

  10. swiggaswoody says:

    im drooling hardcore to this video

  11. Just wondering where do you get your nakd bars ??

  12. Brook Walwyn says:

    I find her use of mustard SO strange

  13. Can't be a Kalyn meal without mustard and Sriracha sauce lol

  14. I LOVE your food videos! thank you ??

  15. Breakfast and dinner too please!!!❤️

  16. EMILY1998 says:

    Some constructive criticism here, I know no one asked for it but I still think it may be relatable to some people. The sounds in each ingredient plus the background music were maybe a little too much! Overall, really nice video Kalyn xx

  17. This is just what I needed!! Please do more!!

  18. KristaSwims says:

    love these ideas! great video as always

  19. Love the video❤ What brand and where did you purchase your spiralizer used to make the zucchini noodles?

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