School Lunch Ideas

My daughters lunches for this past week.
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21 Responses

  1. The creasnt roll looks so good

  2. I like these videos these videos are awesome and they look pretty darn good

  3. scrubies1 says:

    I like the new lunch bag i tried looking for one similar on amazon but no luck. Where did you get it?

  4. Love your lunch videos. U give me tons of ideas

  5. Mica says:

    The little packet in the nori sheets is silica gel – it keeps them from going wet or not as crispy, sorry for my bad english. I love your content, thank you for sharing them to us. ☺️?✨

  6. Her cafeteria serves chicken and waffles!! That's so cool, thank you for sharing

  7. TXMIJA says:

    Lol i do the same thing with the alarms ….im glad im not the only that does that

  8. I love the lunches you make victora

  9. Great lunches. I agree with what you said. I hate that kids trying to eat healthy are the ones feeling peer pressure but it's true. My daughter tells me all the time some kids literally bring fruit roll up and chips and other junk food for lunch and sad to think that it's becoming the normal. I tell her all the time tell other kids not to worry about her food and she needs to do the same.

  10. Are the croissants already cut when you purchase them or do you cut them yourself?

  11. I litterly get soooo excited when I see these videos????? and just wondering what do you mean by new style of lunch video starting next week?? Like r u still going to do them? :(??

  12. Kids are funny. One kid says eww and they all join in even though some of the kids like the food!

  13. I love all your lunch videos!

  14. Hanna Taylor says:

    How is your daughter liking school so far ? What is her favourite thing about school?

  15. blairseybell says:

    Omg, we deal with the same thing with other kids freaking out when they see my kids eat a cucumber or some guacamole. My daughter finally got enough of it and started TRYING to take things she knew would blow the other kids' minds. ?

  16. Where do u get the notes

  17. Can u please check out me and my mom YouTube channel daughter and mother Duo

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