Week Of Family Meals 21/8-27/8

My family of 5 Meal ideas keeping to a budget


Chilli con carne -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMjT1ehaVds

Roast beef dinner – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4PxQW1tyMk

Yorkshire pudding recipe- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cyw80WyPQg

Other recipes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3IrTA4EjqY&list=PL3TeDfelGVrw5t2c6KwRj3cexkmk69pzV

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17 Responses

  1. Linda Hunter says:

    They all look delicious x

  2. Yummy hope ur keeping well

  3. V ismyname says:

    We tried the quorn hot dogs and we chucked them away as they were absolutely gross lol

  4. Emma Bent says:

    Linda maccartny sausages are my favourite of all the veggie sausages! They're just nice with no funky taste! I even got my mum hooked!

  5. Sophies LIfe says:

    How did you go on with the Quorn sausages?xx

  6. That apple pie. yum it all looks good.

  7. KimmyKatz20 says:

    Do you have the crockpot recipes ? 🙂

  8. All your meals always look good, but they look EXTRA good since I've been dieting. Hope Cameron had a nice birthday. The salmon looked delicious!

  9. A Snillum says:

    You make your Mom special dinners? I love my mom – but she can get "take away" food if she doesn't like what I make for dinner. I have not found a vegetarian sausage I like. I'd have tossed them too. But the rest of your meal looked delicious. And do you have a recipe for the apple crumble? Your Sunday Roast looks so wonderful. Your family is BLESSED to have you. Oh and the cake looked fantastic too!

  10. Mary Raybon says:

    Happy Birthday Cameron!! That cake looks so yummy!! The apple crumble looks good too. I made a coconut cake Fri for my son's bday its his favorite.  Helen thanks so much for sharing with us !!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Like always, everything looks amazing ? thank you for always sharing. That Apple crumble looked so good!

  12. Lara Pierce says:

    Helen, you're so sweet! I've watched so manny of your weekly meals and am always amazed at how you make a special meal for your mum! Growing up my mom made one meal. That was it. You didn't eat it, well, you didn't eat! Needless to say, we learned to find something we liked at each meal. I'd find it hard not giving my mom a taste of her own medicine! Hahahaha! Bless you for being an awesome daughter.

  13. Helen Haynes says:

    All looks yummy as always!
    I've wondered about the quorn sausages too.. don't think I'll be buying them Xx

  14. Great video Helen, the meals looked fab especially the beef stew and the chicken pie. Also it's so lovely that you make your Mum separate meals. I actually really like Quorn sausages but I think I am the odd one out – they aren't very popular in our house!

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