Foods That Burn Fat | Burn Belly Fat + Easy Recipes

These are some of the foods that can help to boost metabolism and also burn fat!

Of course consume everything in moderation. Too much of anything can be harmful.

If you want to lose weight, exercising is equally as important as well. Be sure to check out my other fitness videos for workout tips and routines.

Hope you enjoy this video!


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32 Responses

  1. Yaaas! 🙌🏼 btw I just finished doing a workout using your HIIT videos

  2. Sweet Oats says:

    oh my goodness , hell ya you are the prettiest

  3. Ugh, I want that chocolate so bad but I live in the US and it looks like I can't get it ANYWHERE 🙁

  4. ezra z says:

    Where did you get your top? I love your hair it's so beautiful !! you're literally goals ❤__❤

  5. Really loved how you actually explained the science behind the ingredient, only thing that I would say is 'metabolic' rate not 'metabolism' rate lmao sorry it just annoyed me. Other than that good advice wd!

  6. hi Chloe! pls do another smaller waist or lower belly workout,my body is already used to the other ones 😅

  7. hiba elk says:

    Please do exercises to get bigger butt

  8. Nimzy Nimmo says:

    Thanks for the tips chloe! 😊 please do a complete body toning workout.

  9. Tota Ibrahim says:

    I watch this video while eating pizza😂😂

  10. Hi Chloe, can you taste the apple cider vinegar when you add it to your tea?

  11. Nour Zakaria says:

    I <3 youuuuuu chloe you're adooorable and cute

  12. Oh my god, I was so surprised by what you said at the end! I'm from Portugal so thank you for that last comment hehe 😀
    Also absolutely loved this video, super super helpful and educational! I always love love love your videos, especially your workout routines and food related ones, you're so inspiring 🙂
    Keep up your great job! ♡

  13. Do you have any tips for teens between 13 and 15 years old???? Could you make a video out of it???? Btw I 'm totally in love with your workoutsss haha

  14. You always make me smile and you're very inspiring ❤️❤️

  15. Can you please make a video on how to maintain weight please? I've started college and it's already really busy so I've had no room for working out and have also been snacking alot on junk food again 😭😭 however I do a little bit of dancing whenever I have abit of time so that's decent I guess 😂😂thanks alot love you 😘💜

  16. I have quakers oat porridge in the morning with some milk and cereal flavoured biscuit bars (meant for mornings) and then at lunch i have some cut up cucumbers with peppers along with a chicken salad with no dressing. I also have 4 low fat crackers and a 70 calorie flavoured cereal bar, at dinner i have some sort of pasta but i cant really changr what i have for dinner because it is a family thing… does this sound healthy? Please reply!!

  17. Ann aya says:

    Hi Chloe!! Just wanted to address something about chocolate but before that I would like to say that i really like your videos since i subscribed and it's been only a few months now.. if am here it's to build muscles and not to lose weight since i consider myself as slim enough! 😉 . So.. i have scrolled through a few of the comments to see if i identified my question but seems not.. My question is: isn't there a quota for eating dark chocolate for a day? I heard that one square (or whatever you call it) is sufficient on a daily basis.. in excess it can cause constipation.. Have you heard of that? I would really love to have your comment! Keep it up!! i love what you do (i love it when girls take in charge of their health and work out to achieve their goals!) and your body is just wow!! ^^ blowing you kisses!! Xoxo

  18. Red Panda says:

    I really love your videos, you are always informative and helpful <3

  19. Pomo Miwok says:

    Apple cider vinegar honey ginger lemon

  20. Clara Pina says:

    I don't mean to be rude, but can you tell me your height and weight? You are gorgeous thanks for the inspiration <33

  21. Janet Rose says:

    Hey girl just wondering, is youtube your full time job? Or do you have any qualifications etc? Thanks!!

  22. Fred Brug says:

    Hey Chloe, how's your ankle now?

  23. Thank you so much..your video can help me to maintain my body healthy and of course to become sexy..👍👍👍

  24. ファミロ says:

    I need to plant more berries at my homeland

  25. Chantel P says:

    LOVE YOUR TOP!!!! Where did you get it!! 😱

  26. Alena Rose says:

    Besides dark chocolate want other things did you love in this video??

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