Good Cooking, Good Eating | Baked Chicken Wings Dinner

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The Best Healthy Herbal Marinade And Dipping Sauce –


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36 Responses

  1. I love your cooking videos!!

  2. Pamela Ann says:

    It's good to see you in the kitchen again. Loved It !!!!!!!

  3. Lady T says:

    Looks delish! TFS!

  4. Great looking meal. Looks good. Thanks for sharing

  5. Carol -Lynn says:

    oh Yes! looks so good !

  6. Hi, I just subscribed to your channel and I think you are hilarious and serious at the same time. I'm glad to see you and your family are doing better. I just wanted to know do you treat your hair while it's in the wraps (which I like) and does your hair grow with scrafs on . I am thinking about wearing scarfs because my hair is thinning due to my eczema and I can't use a lot of different products or chemicals like perms. Do have any suggestions or advice for me. Thanks!

  7. Oh yeah, your food looks delicious😉

  8. Wow! Your dinner looks very delicious 😊👍🏽

  9. May I ask, what's your secret sauce in that bottle?

  10. sunni james says:

    Just like that! looks delicious 🍴

  11. That's my plate, right? Girl that oven is shining like new money!

  12. Fe La says:

    I made the herb dressing and used it on some Italian bread and toasted it in the oven. We loved it, thanks for the recipe. My mom even used it on some steak and broiled it and she was saying how good it was. She wants to try it on chicken next.

  13. Lovely says:

    Sonja girl, you COOK just like me. Bomb everyday ALL DAY!!! YUM YUM Delicious :-). I hope you and the family have had a blessed day.

  14. You're really great at ASMR

  15. Thanks, Sonya! I know what I'm cooking tonight. ☆

  16. Hey! I miss you talking..looks delicious

  17. Sonya everything looks really good!!! Yummy yum yum

  18. This is a good no talking video

  19. I don't eat meat anymore but good GOD that looks good Lol.

  20. Saroya King says:

    I am convinced that there is nothing you can not do…An independent Black Woman you are…

  21. Yummy🍽…looks delicious 👍🏼😋👍🏼

  22. Talking makes the video more informative,engaging and personal. It would feel more homey like being in the kitchen with you southern style like at a family gathering.

  23. CatTay says:

    The entire meal looks delicious! Great job!

  24. Yes!!! I need that marinade

  25. Sonya I just Love the dinner you prepared.

  26. Donna Torres says:

    Hi Sonya, This looks so delicious! What was the liquid you used? I've been binge watching your videos, especially the cooking ones, you should write a cookbook. Have a great night. ❤

  27. Awesome for meal for anything during the week thanks for sharing.

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