Kids school Halloween lunch ideas

5 Halloween School lunches

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11 Responses

  1. Awesome! I love to take yogurt to lunch.

  2. Sophie bear says:

    Why did u melt cheese on the egg yuck ewwwwww and you put poop on their fruit

  3. love the halloween ghosts so cute!! its all looking great

  4. Food looks delicious and cool

  5. The will be funny if she will not finish there lunch from school day will bring there left over food from there lunch home so you can check there lunch

  6. I need those coconut almonds and that cute little sub roll! Great options!!

  7. I love all the Halloween napkins Andy Halloween stuff so cute

  8. You could do egg salad sandwiches

  9. Lauren Kate says:

    I'm just like Sophia – grapes and tomatoes are my favorite!

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