DIY BUTTER SLIME! Super easy slime recipe

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47 Responses

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  2. Mr.Dirpy Pig says:

    Does the detergent have borax?

  3. Galaxy Wolf says:

    I have a recipe with REAL butter.

    How to make a butter slime with real butter:

    1. Butter
    2. Shaving foam
    3. Glue
    4. Food coloring
    5. Flour

    1. First you have to add glue
    2. Then yoi haven to add some butter
    3. Mix it all together
    4. Then add food coloring
    5. Mix it then add shaving foam
    6. Add 3 tea spoons of flour

    That's your real butter slime! 😋😍😄😘

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  5. Can we use vim gel instead of aireal

  6. Anh Ams says:

    Bắt chước chị cà chua:(

  7. Lexi G says:

    Do we have to add coloring

  8. Selenbean says:

    I seriously don't think this is same for children especially with the detergent

  9. Amita shetty says:

    Please don't try it waste of time

  10. if you like this video give me a lik🙏🏽

  11. Savage Kids says:

    It looks so fun although I don't have all the ingredients

  12. lic india says:

    Can we use detergent powder

  13. amy stars says:

    The glue is too liquid

  14. 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌❤❤🍍

  15. Zaki Gaming says:

    Can you use borax instead of detergent

  16. Cute Pumpkin says:

    No more music in videos please

  17. Kalau guna cleaar glue boleh

  18. Clara Victor says:

    This is a great recipe Hong giang DIY.but can you do a video for butterslime without daiso clay or magic model

  19. Can we use Contact lense soloution instead of detergent

  20. Lilly Choi says:

    Does it have to be detergent or can it be any type of activator

  21. mariah simer says:

    Buter slim get Butter

  22. afiq cho says:

    Another slime i made mines smell butter

    1.P.V.A Glue or white glue. Put the glue in a bowl
    2.add shaving foam
    3.add colouring
    4.add activator (how to make activator: add washing powder,mix with a little water. Add baby powder,mix with a medium water mix,mix,mix…. Done!
    5.add a lot of butter
    6.Keep on mixing the slime

  23. How do you make slime like that

  24. Immys Life says:

    Like next time tell us what u need

  25. I like watching your chanle but the thing is you do fake video's

  26. It actually works but there is this easy recipe for UK citizens PVA Glue , shaving foam and airwick 6in1

  27. Sara Sami says:

    I am using also contact lenses

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