What’s Cooking :) { 6 Easy Fast Dinners }

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*Follow me on INSTAGRAM for daily photos, cute kitty pictures etc… http://www.instagram.com/kjaggers

*Follow me on TWITTER for DAILY updates & photos: http://twitter.com/kishajaggers

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40 Responses

  1. Ema Bajlovic says:

    Yay a dinner video!! You have the best dinner videos on youtube! So glad you posted one again 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so happy to see a what's cooking video..

  3. So glad these videos are back, watching some of your older ones today for inspiration for this weeks meals.

  4. Alison Siem says:

    I'm so glad to see whats cooking videos, yours are the best! Thanks for making these videos, we know how busy you are with an infant, but youtube is such a great way for us ladies to connect!!

  5. i didnt even realize this was new video, it just auto played, then i heard the baby squeal (oh my heart, the most adorable squeals) and i got confused hahaha, so i checked the date and thought hey Kisha is back in the game!! Lots of new uploads. great content as always, congratulations on baby aj

  6. Glad to see you back in the kitchen

  7. Brushutto wrapped chicken. Sorry, maybe I'm just being stupid, but what is brushutto?

  8. Love this video. Please post more dinner videos .

  9. I love cooking videos! I watch your old ones still lol

  10. Thanks for sharing new dinner ideas! I went to the link but when I get to kjaggers.com I’m unable to find these new recipes posted? I’d love to get the ingredients and directions for them😊

  11. HardyWeeed says:

    Girl, I have been missing your cooking vids something awful! So, happy dance 😍

  12. Adina Roan says:

    Love your dinner videos. So happy you are doing them again

  13. missed these so much omg

  14. Candy Poole says:

    I have missed these cookin videos ❤️❤️

  15. Dawn Brook says:

    Loved this type of vlog thanks for sharing

  16. Renee Romero says:

    Love your cooking videos. Yours are my favorite. Thanks for the great dinner ideas.

  17. It is so good to see you back Kisha 🙂 I Think I stopped watching your videos when you moved into the trailer. You popped in as a recommendation today again. I have to tell you that if I smashed the beans and added the macaroni to my husband's chili I would be shot!!!! LOL

  18. Kisha I had missed these videos so much – thank you for sharing

  19. I am so happy to see the meal videos again. You always bring such unique ideas for me to use in our home. It's so crazy to believe I've been watching you for over 5 years. Glad they are back!

  20. Thank you so much kisha, I missed your cooking♥♥♥♥♥

  21. Blissful says:

    Always enjoy your cooking videos! I'm making chili tonight for the first time so this was helpful & perfect timing! 👍

  22. scarahpurr says:

    LOVE the what’s cookin videos!

  23. Charlie says:

    It's been a long time since we've seen a cooking video, love it!

  24. Yesssssss… Love these videos and have really missed yours

  25. Love watching your what's for dinner videos!!! 😊😊gives me great ideas!

  26. That chili looks amazing!

  27. Aunt Michele says:

    So excited to see a cooking video! Your old cooking vids are my faves, and I still rewatch them for inspiration!

  28. Aunt Michele says:

    Yay! I see you added bananas to the peaches! Hope you liked it. Everything you made looks great!

  29. Sharon F says:

    I am so happy you are doing these what's for dinner videos again!

  30. K says:

    Love your dinner videos I miss them please continue to make them 😀😀😀

  31. AlohaKeyarra says:

    been a long time since u made one of these. You are one of the best on youtube! excellent work, so proud

  32. S R W says:

    I missed your videos like this soooo much!!! Glad you're doing well girl!

  33. 2012MsQuita says:

    My favorite videos from You! Keep them coming!

  34. I grew up in NW Indiana and didn't know people ate chili with pasta until I moved to Indy. I like to eat French fries or baked potatoes with my chili. Glad to see you in the kitchen.

  35. glamsaucy says:

    Glad that you are back making what's cooking videos. Love your personality. Like your grocery hauls too.

  36. Kisha,where is the recipe for the CHEESEBURGER CASSEROLE?😢😢 lol

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