Bengali Masoor Dal with Onions and Panch Phoron | Peyaj Diye Mosur Dal | Easy Bengali Dal Recipe

Peyaj diye mosur dal (mushur/masoor), or Bengali orange-lentil soup with a flavouring of onions and panch phoron (a Bengali five-spice mix), is probably not something you would make on a weekly basis, mainly because it is not as versatile and neutral as a regular Bengali mosur dal (you know, the one with a kaalo-jeere-green-chilli tempering?), but it provides a nice change of palate once in a while. Like most Bengali dal recipes, this one is easy and straightforward enough to take no more than 15 to 20 minutes of your time.

Panch phoron:
Alu bhorta:
How to cook rice:

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22 Responses

  1. A recipe is a recipe…simple or complex it is upto the cook….what matters is you always remain true to the essence of your channel's name…n that's what matters!

  2. cutiee745 says:

    Plz give the recipe for echorer dalna.. Nd also show how to cut it using knife… Need more bengali recipes. Just love ur way. Great work

  3. Chini ta thik musur dale chole na ami Chini chara kori

  4. Isn't that "scum" just whipped up protein from the Aquafaba? I wouldn't discard unless it looks dirty (which it won't if the lentils are properly washed)

  5. Plzzz make a recipie of how to make panipuri its filling and the pani its my request plzzzzzzz

  6. i've just subscribed to your channel and i must say..IT'S classy the way of presenting each and every ingrediants is too good!!
    I've got one request to make to you guys,please DO MAKE A VIDEO ON CRAB RECIPE!! please!!

  7. nuzhat NUERI says:

    My mom's like "daaal ta etoo Moja lagche!uff! Ami San Francisco te berate gele, oder bashay dawat khabo!" 😋

  8. Payel Das says:

    Robbar mane amar ei daal r alur chokha must! Such a comfort food! 🙂 achcha shukto er recipe ta share korte parben?

  9. Onno rokom kono recipe post korun.. Plz…

  10. Ila Nandi says:

    No reply from bong eats ata asa korini j aktao reply asbena

  11. ডালেও চিনি? ( হতাশ হওয়ার ইমো হবে !!)
    আমরা ডাল লবন, হলুদ, কাটা পেঁয়াজ, তেজপাতা দিয়ে সেদ্ধ করে, পরে ফোড়ন দেই, রসুন মাস্ট অন্য সবকিছুর সাথে।

  12. I like your video superb!

  13. 😣😣😣😢😢😢😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠

  14. I love your recipes. Cooking is real stress buster, the spices, the sound of utensils.. ahh its just so amazing. I developed a genuine interest not just in eating good food, but cooking it too through your channel and took initiation to start a lifestyle and cooking channel. Thank you for bringing in the change 🙂

  15. Please aloo posto, begun posto aar aloo peyaj bhaja – these 3 dishes next.

  16. Yay! Love this dal recipe. SO good for us… healthy = happy!

  17. Love everything about your videos.

  18. Hi Insia and Saptarshi…you have uploaded some amazing videos, inspired by you I have used the link and bought Thakur barir Ranna. Also have a plan to buy the masterpiece of Julia Child.. Here is a small request, the Chef's Knife is too expensive here. Can you share some alternative? Thanks in advance…by the way..I have tried the Ilish er Kolapaturi…it was worth of the effort..:)

  19. Ahitra De says:

    I dont wash dals like that, takes the starches away.

  20. How in the world is the pressure cooker so clean!

  21. wow.. very nice. . aami khub valobasi patla masoor daal.. 🙂

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