Weight Watchers Freestyle – Food Find – Quick & Easy Meal!

Weight Watchers Freestyle – Food Find & Quick Easy Meal!
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20 Responses

  1. Sea BrzJo says:

    Oh, YUM! Cannot wait to try this delicious cheesy healthy meal. I'm like you — not buying another gadget or appliance until I'm sure it's needed. More quick, easy recipes like this please! XXOO

  2. C H says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing👍
    Yes more meal ideas, lunch ideas for the office. i just joined WW🎉
    Your channel is amazing! I follow on IG too…

  3. Yum can't wait to try this!!!

  4. I peel my grapefruit too!

  5. Ciliawillia says:

    Can’t wait to try thanks

  6. Judy Shea says:

    I have an Inspiralizer and I love it. You can find all the videos Allie does on her youtube channel. I love the sweet potato. The zucchini is very wet to me. you have to salt and pat them dry or wring them out in a clean towel. Lots of ideas. Thanks,

  7. Pirate6562 says:

    I have a spiralizer and I love it1 It worth the money! Amazon has great deals on them.

  8. Robin Odowd says:

    It's a little hard to hear you.

  9. Love quick and easy videos!

  10. connie Sue says:

    That looks amazing

  11. videri57 says:

    I’ve had the carrots and they were amazing! I just steamed them as a side. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Ooh 😲 I'll have to look for those and try it with the Laughing Cow 😃

  13. I have only tried zucchini noodles once, and they were so watery so I need to drain them. I need to try them again!

  14. Thank you as always for this great recipe and so many others…you are always so inspiring and helpful….you are looking amazing….look forward to all your videos

  15. I grated my zucchini …and made a zucchini frittata…try it ..you will love it…i added a onion …egg….italian seasoning and cheese….this is awesome as well…love zucchini….

  16. Does anybody know how to cook fresh zucchini spirals? Would love to make this

  17. How do you get your laughing cow to melt?

  18. Stacy Adams says:

    I tried these and they are good, but the fresh zucchini spirals are much better. I love this meal idea. Thank you!

  19. I peel my grapefruit's like oranges too…that's how my mom always ate hers, so therefore, me too xo~Michelle

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