Edamame 2 Simple Recipes

Edamame beans simple recipes.
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In this video, you will see the basic way to cook edamame beans in a simple boiling pot with salt water, and then after that the simple way to present edamame with salt, after that I will show you how to make a delicious soy/garlic sauce that you can use to glaze your edamame pods with.

Ingredients for the sauce:
Soy sauce
mirin (Japanese sweet cooking rice wine)
toasted sesame seed oil http://geni.us/sesameseedoil

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22 Responses

  1. Wauuuuu sembra buono !!!

  2. Luke iPanda says:

    If you use scissors to trim away both ends, it’ll be even more tasteful.

  3. I really like edamame beans! I would love to try your sauce recipe!
    I just have a question: wouldn't it be better if you sprinkled it directly on edamame beans instead of the entire pods?

    It's just a curiosity, not a criticism! 🙂

  4. Quick question, does the seasoning gets inside the edamame? Or just flavouring the skin? Cant wait to try it 😀

  5. Strange 7s says:

    Hey can u do a recipe for boiled water?

  6. Great and simple recipe

  7. Ben Willms says:

    I always assumed those were peas.

  8. !Dicul says:

    Cool, I've never had edamame. Just a quick question; you don't eat the pods, right?

  9. TOM M says:

    Good recipe. Best

  10. Squrle - says:

    Those are really beautiful bowls! And I looove edamame. I typically eat them with soba.

  11. Add salt into soy sauce? Seems like too much, no?

  12. Pal Dali says:

    Edamame is so tasty! Even plain and simple with salt is still amazing!

  13. about a week ago this girl in my french class was eating some edamame for a snack. then this girl wanted some, but she'd never actually eaten one before and didn't know how to get the little bean seed thingies out and dropped about two whole pods on the floor. so the guy sitting behind her had to guide her hands so she could learn how to push them out them properly…

    it's not really relevant but i just thought of that.

  14. xZeroCCx says:

    Do/Can you eat the pods?

  15. Slimebojr 1 says:

    Looks like those soybeans need some discipline lol 😂 I’m sorry 😐

  16. Glad you back posting videos. I 'm now quite popular among friends thanks to your recepies. Best

  17. schnabeltier says:

    Sounds delicious but…are you really salting your soy sauce?? Why?

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