What’s For Dinner? Pork chops on the grill. Melissa’s homemade potato salad. Baked beans.

Today for dinner and lunch it was home raised pork chops on both the charcoal and gas grills. Melissa made her very delicious homemade potato salad and we heated up some baked beans. We were going to have homemade ice cream but we were too full, that will have to wait.


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24 Responses

  1. Matt Caluda says:

    Your a fat man in a skinny body! 🙂

  2. Matt Caluda says:

    We got that rain not long after ya'll did. It was like a hurricane- kind of!

  3. Biggest pork chops that I’ve ever seen! Looks delicious.
    Will you have time to do some crawfishing while you’re there?

  4. People just driving by and don't even know what good food they are passing by…lol

  5. Anne K says:

    Goodness, getting a tad damp around the edges there!! 🙂 loved Mellisa’s chicken sign!

  6. Anne K says:

    Would Mellisa share her potato salad recipe? It looked so good!

  7. Woohoo! Pork chops!!!

  8. John Padilla says:

    Hi Joe, is Melissa getting camera shy lately??

  9. Love the new camera the footage is beautiful finally!!!

  10. MsKestrela says:

    Yeow…that storm was a real toad-floater! Awesome lunch fare, Joe. I'm looking forward to seeing what progress you make on the house this winter.

  11. Maxima says:

    Joe, can you run a Hunters spice special again. Im all out. Joe go to the tent during the winter. Miss the snow.

  12. Love the little weber smokey joe! At least that's what it looked like lol!

  13. Good thing that grill isn't any smaller or you won't have gotten all those chops on at once! With lots of love from partly cloudy Arizona USA 🌵, 75/55f (24/13c) today.

  14. herbdigger says:

    My porch Chops and pork steak are always dry 🙁

  15. I would love to have one of those big thick fat pork chops, some of that tater salad, and baked beans. With some A1. Hold the icecream please. Lol. Looked delicious Joe!!! Tyfs, God bless you both 💯💖

  16. scott FOSS says:

    Another Fantastic meal prepared for Kings n Queens. Thanks for sharing Joe. Love the videos.

  17. Alan Call says:

    Much better with the camera keep them coming making me hungry Joe nice to see green grass Big Al Michigan

  18. Pork on the grill, tater salad & bake beans. YUM Picnic style meal 👍👍 . It's only home made ice cream if you turn it by hand to make it! LOL 😆😆

  19. Bryan Ripple says:

    Wow, that looked delicious Joe! It's only 6 a.m, but I'm ready for lunch already after that!

  20. abe frohman says:

    Hey Joe I see the rules for Pike fishing in Minnesota just changed wasn't sure if you knew.

  21. Rosalie Kiff says:

    Do you have a video on fried eggplant an fried egg roll, you grow so many eggplants.Thanks

  22. snacklofter says:

    Your new trainers look well worn in already now Joe! atb snack.

  23. I see your on that See-Food diet, huh Joe LOL!

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