15 Minute Shakshuka | Healthy Breakfast Recipe | Jade Joselyn

Need an alternative to your fry up breakfast on the weekend, or fancy something lighter for lunch? You will absolutely love this! Together with Jade Joselyn we have created an unbelievably tasty, high protein Shakshuka which you can make in just 15 minutes!

This recipe is so quick and so easy too, you can make this beauty even if you have zero cooking skills! We wanted to give you maximum flavour for minimum effort and with only a handful of ingredients which require hardly any preparation… and we think this Shakshuka does that!

Per serving you are getting:

– 319 Calories
– 20g Protein
– 38g Carbohydrates
– 12g Fat

We love this recipe and think you will too, but let us know in the comments what you think along what other video content you would like to see on our channel, or even what crazy new product we should develop next… show some love!

From everyone here at Muscle Food HQ – thank you for watching!

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