Cheap Gluten Free Meals with Deep South Homestead

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If you want to learn how to make gluten free meals, we have some quick and easy gluten free meals ideas to help you get started. You can get some great Southern gluten free recipes in Wanda’s book on her Etsy store below. Also check out her Youtube Channel Crazy Dazes for gluten free recipes that are delicious and easy.

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23 Responses

  1. Great video with great information. I know a lot of people have problems with this and to find a way to do it and at a good price is a great tool to have.

  2. Valerie D says:

    Wanda is awesome, she mentions DOAD cookbook often…

  3. You two women were fabulous good job ❄️☮️🛷☃️👍

  4. going GF for many reasons and can't wait to get some new ideas! I agree it is not rocket science, so true!

  5. Your right it is not rocket science, I get the same questions about eating gluten free. What do I eat, what do I buy etc…. Well fruit is gluten free, vegetables are gluten free non processed meats are gluten free, cheese is gluten free. I'm like you Tara, I eat potatoes and rice, but actually mostly for dinner I eat meat and veggies and that is it. On occasion in eat rice or potatoes. But not everyday. Gluten free products are processed and expensive, I rarely buy them.

  6. Valerie Lain says:

    Wanda is what my grandmother would call a real cook. Dining on a dime cookbook is a very plain cookbook. Wanda knows how to add the extra to a recipe to make it like good southern food.Great Video.

  7. Debra Haynes says:

    Great video you two, Love you both

  8. I have never been to Mississippi till this last weekend.. It is Beautiful there.. Awesome interview .. Big hugs.. :")

  9. Loved this video! Fun to listen too

  10. Judy s says:

    Love this video, it was really fun and lots of tips too. ( Lol i would have had a headache if i was standing in that wind.) .

  11. My Revival says:

    One of my favorite videos I have seen recently. So nice to see two women I admire have a nice honest unpretentious chat. So helpful on the gluten-free tips. <3

  12. Awesome awesome y’all were great!!

  13. G. Cosper says:

    Got my cookbook a few weeks ago and, yes, I've been reading it! So much good info and funnies it makes a great break from real life. Can't wait to sub with Wanda

  14. Hello ladies. I’m new to the channel and loving it! I am gluten free by choice, and there’s two websites I love and cook from a lot. They really helped when I started the journey a few years ago. Simple cooking from scratch. I use these really for the sweets if I’m entertaining. Main meals are easy, as Wanda pointed out. Bless you both, from Aus 🇦🇺
    Elana’s Pantry (she’s based in Colorado and her website is pretty much Paleo) and Quirky Cooking (Jo is Australian, and has family roots from the south of the US). 😃 Lil xx

  15. Pia Hess says:

    Great interview of Wanda.Glad you are learning gluten free recipes from each other.Be well you two.Thanks,Pia.;*)♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡………….

  16. Being from Southern roots and traditions, we were raised up that meals are the staple of life. I say we, because all of us cooked from a wee age. I didn't realize it wasn't the norm, because in my extended family it was the same. Ya made food/meals an event. It didn't have to be fancy, just tasty. I learned to cook by feel, my mom and grandma didn't really measure anything, they just knew. They looked at cookbooks but like Wanda adjusted recipes for the ingredients they had on hand or preferred. I developed food allergies early and so stuff I ate had to be tweaked. I am still doing that as I want versions of the traditional staple foods I grew up with. I found rotation is necessary so I don't develop issues with what I am eating.

  17. Well, my husband is still unconscious when I'm getting up. There is no way I will be getting breakfast made for me. (besides, we would want it to be edible 😜).

  18. Love you two together! So Awesome 💖

  19. Tawra, I can vouch for Bob's Redmill gluten free "1 to 1" flour mix…it's my favorite…even has the xanthan added to it! It's nice not having six different types of gluten free flours in my pantry, like I used to…this product is all in one!

  20. Cat Lover says:

    Great video!  I love both of your cookbooks.  I have made Wanda's Fig Newtons and a few other recipes.  And tons of DOAD recipes.  Thanks for sharing!!

  21. HOLLY O says:

    Couldn't find the website for the almond flour you spoke of

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