3 Delicious Bengal gram (Chana dal) Recipes Night Dinner !!!

Bengal gram (Chana dal) With Vegetable Fry is very Healthy dish.I have made it in a different way where I have used Bengal gram (chana dal) & different types of vegetables & Chicken. easy and delicious.

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  1. YueRawWonder says:

    Nice and yummy my dear friend. keep up the great work. Thumbs up.

  2. Simple and yet delicious… thanks for sharing like#2 Full view

  3. Wao dear.. Very tasty yummy recipe

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  5. hao letan says:

    Very nice video my friend. Great.

  6. Super nice video my friend… 6 likeee

  7. Pete Thomas says:

    3 ways to chana heaven!

  8. almolonga HD says:

    Very nice video my friend

  9. Very good. Great display as always. 👍🏾

  10. Looks so good and healthy! Thank you!

  11. Senja Aldee says:

    niceeee Olivia, pls swing by my channell.. jus loaded new video

  12. Like 13 Healthy and Delicious Great!! 😋

  13. Delicious recipe plz stay

  14. Very healthy …all recipies are wonderful.. thanks for sharing

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    what a delight great video

  16. very easy.full v.looking sweet

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  18. lukey active says:

    Nice recipe my friend 😊

  19. Nice recipes using gram dal.

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    Greetings from us

  21. Very healthy and tasty preparation

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