How To Make Chocolate Fondue | चॉकलेट फॉन्डुए  | Dessert Recipes

A French delight, fondue is one of the most achievable recipes in your kitchen.

Credits: Chef Zaid

– 200 Gms chocolate
– 140 Gms butter
– 100 Ml fresh cream
– 200 Gms icing sugar
– 100 Ml fresh cream
– Bread
– Butter
– Vanilla essence

1) In a bowl get some chocolate, butter & fresh cream
2) Microwave for 5 minutes
3) In a pan, add some icing sugar & fresh cream. Keep stirring & then add butter
4) Once the mix has thickened keep it aside
5) Take the bread loaf & cut off the sides
6) Cut it up into cubes
7) Add butter, vanilla essence & icing sugar
8) Dip the bread cubes in the chocolate mix
9) For plating, get some of the caramel sauce & chocolate sauce & place the bread pieces on it
10) Dust with cocoa powder

The fondue is now ready to relish!

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