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Hi friends,
Today I’ll show you how to make 7 easy snacks recipes in Tamil.. if you feel the video is too lengthy, here is the separate links for each & every video with starting time..
Masala tea(0:51)- https://youtu.be/t9FaqDwyV80

pori urundai (3:08)- https://youtu.be/XssQdM_eO4k

pineapple kesari(9:00)- https://youtu.be/qkF2Qh6n8dE

whole wheat cookies in a kadai(17:56)- https://youtu.be/1aJr-_qg5nc

sweet corn pakoda(25:55)- https://youtu.be/J04k13QrZY0

bakery style masala toast(30:15)- https://youtu.be/t-uUxb4iupw

whole wheat muffins(33:15)- https://youtu.be/6TfKjI7imUw

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thankyou, happy cooking.


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  1. Pori enna alavu sis..

  2. geetha mani says:

    super sis bread vachi different ah solli kudunga

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