Apple Dessert that looks like a real apple! No mold challenge

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The challenge: Make a dessert that looks like a real apple using no commercial equipment, only what you’d fin in a normal kitchen.
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How To Cook That Ann Reardon:
Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel today I am making an apple shaped dessert using only equipment that you’d find in most kitchens, no molds. it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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50 Responses

  1. FitAngie says:

    It’s my birthday today Anne 🎉🎉 I really love this dessert it’s fabulous ! You’re so talented ❤️

  2. jo. yga says:

    using a balloon is a mold! right?

  3. Hayden Davis says:


  4. PEEL PORN! If you don’t get what I mean, please don’t say anything.

  5. Dustinisnot says:

    i need it hhh please

  6. You should try making a mini trifle or pie (whichever you prefer :D)

  7. Paige Hendo says:

    It looks like a tomato… happy 420

  8. Ava Fleming says:

    I made this for my family and it was amazing
    Everyone was happy with this dessert ☺️

  9. Am I dumb or did you not show what to do with the separate frozen apple spheres? Yeah, you never put it into the video…

  10. Sheldon Pon says:

    You can make a gravity defying cake but find tying a knot in a balloon tricky? 😅

  11. Jimel Salise says:

    Wash the balloon first right? Because the insides of the balloon have those chemical powder stuff in them.

  12. Manarina says:

    I didnt get it. How did the apple bits got in the center of the desert? Can someone help me?

  13. I think it will be interesting to put cherry filling in the lemon shaped dessert, or experiment with different fillings.

  14. Awesome…but a little jealous because your kids must get lots of yummy treats from you 🙂 Saludos from Mexico!!

  15. ellia dzn says:

    support my channel to reach 1000 subscribers its means alot to me …
    please subscribe to my channel … lots of great ideas and diys , cooking , designing .

  16. Greetings Ann! or as you would say it, G'day mate! I love your videos and i'd really want to get a like from you!

  17. Meow Moosawi says:

    Hi, I have few questions,
    There is powder inside the balloons, how do you clean it up?
    Is there another apple/cinammon filling option? My family are not fans of cinammon unfortunately
    Is there a way I can make the stems without alcohol?

  18. little a says:

    You said in your last video that if anyone knew how to make miniature pottery to let you know. Well if you contact me I can make you some. Just comment on this comment then I will talk to you on your website! Love this video!

  19. How did you get the cinnamon apples in the mouse Ann? It wasn't shown.

  20. I tries this with my mom while watching and it turned out rly good i mean not as good as your but good enough

    And it was..".

    Just as good as it looked.

    Luv ur vids ann

  21. Maura S says:

    I can always count on you to find creative ways to get things done with everyday items !!! Thanks!!!

  22. Liliana 2852 says:

    What if we can’t have alcohol

  23. So my mom and my sister have diabetes would you think they can have this if not do you know and alternatives for this

  24. Make a chocolate bar that is not chocolate (not even compound or fake chocolate

  25. error 404 says:

    I can't believe how late I am, I just got back from the 12 hour trip to Queensland, and I can't believe it, something I can actually do!

  26. Nila Wright says:

    Amazing. I love your channel and your creativity. Plus your editing is 10/10.

  27. MyScragy says:

    Looks amazing I can't wait to try make these! with the chocolate stems would you recommend tempering the chocolate so it sets or just heating it normally without worrying about that?

  28. I love this challenge! It’s one of her few recipes I actually can try ☺️

  29. Red Seraph says:

    Ann i think you're awesome!

  30. Apple purée …. do you mean apple sauce?

  31. Too Addicted says:

    U should do another 200 yr old video jus like the meat pie 😊

  32. Ritchey says:

    Love the video,

    but a question, what about the talcum/talc powder inside the balloon(used to prevent sticking latex) I know cosmetic grade talc is asbestos free and if that is used or you used strangely to say but “food grade balloons” than I stay corrected,

    but I also can slightly imagine that if people use specific brands from specific countries with just slightly other rules that can become harmful…

    normally I see you use the outside of the balloon and I think meh just rubber!

    And without criticizing wanted to ask this.

    Lots of love from a professional chef and a Ann Reardon fan from the Netherlands!

  33. Lma M says:

    or you can use a condom

  34. Did you go to a culinary school for pastry arts, or are you self taught?

  35. Sweet Treats says:

    This is from Zumbos just desserts, anyone watched that?

  36. What a fun and tasty dessert!

  37. Nereida Sims says:

    I accept the challenge 👍🏽

  38. Pari Bear says:

    How do you know I don't have 3 hands? 🤔

  39. Jasminemm says:

    Did you just… ASSUME?

  40. Sam Cro says:

    I hate apples but damn, yum yum!

  41. How about a giant macaroon

  42. Arika A10969 says:

    Ahhh this is so cool!!! I love this Ann ^-^

  43. Arika A10969 says:

    Hi Ann!!! I loved this one, I'm in the middle of my final exams right now and watching your videos ease my stress from all the studying ♥ thisvwas so cool! Also, good luck to those who are taking their exams right now as well ^-^

  44. Cat Burger says:

    You should do a 1 color challenge for a cake

    It can be different shades too

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