Aval Upma Recipe – South Indian Breakfast Recipes by Archana’s Kitchen

Aval or Poha is a common breakfast meal across the nation tempered in different style. Since it is an easy dish to put together, light on the stomach, many choose it to be their go-to breakfast/snack option. This South Indian style flattened rice, gets its dominant aroma from that of the curry leaves and heat from the green chillies. Not to miss the crunch from the roasted peanuts, a hint of tang from the lemon juice and loads of freshness from the coriander leaves. This Aval Upma Recipe can be served hot with coconut chutney or just as it is.

Serve the Aval Upma Recipe with Masala Chai and Fruit Bowl for a delicious breakfast on a weekday.

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  1. Aisha Patel says:

    Very nice. Thankuu

  2. Preeti Roy says:

    It's poha ,not upma

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