How To Make Show-Stopping Dinners

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48 Responses

  1. Sharon Hill says:

    Where’s the pancake/crepe?

  2. What can i use instead of Ham in the beef welli ?

  3. Potato Layla says:

    I have a microwave beef and bean chimichanga

  4. Sofia Purple says:

    Almost all of this is meat……..

    I am a vegetarian

  5. Kush Kamble says:

    Cut that shit talk and explain the cooking

  6. and here i am with my instant ramen

  7. I’m sorry but the beef Wellington u forgot the crepe

  8. Wrapping the murdered stomach flesh of animal in dough then laying eggs from tortured female chicken that spent their lives in battery cages. All these horrors animals go through are because of your poor choices. Don't attack other cultures for eating dog when you eat others that's just as bad.

  9. He's making beef wellington and I'm making ramen.
    Life is gooooooood.

  10. This is the cutest ogre ever

  11. Lukas Ostien says:

    beef Wellington: exists
    Gordon Ramsey nibbas: 🧐

  12. A. GM says:

    Those dishes look delicious!

  13. Jeff Ward says:

    I'm liking the new Tasty format where people are featured with the outstanding food. Nice video.

  14. Memed Hams says:

    Bitch just cho fat ass up and cook, nobody cares about you or your shitty life story.

  15. man .he loves talking as much as cooking

  16. EmmaLie says:

    we want more matthew, give us more thanks

  17. Beef Wellington? I my god that looks like best meal ever! Heard of it but never ordered it. I’m going to cook that!

  18. U.K.N says:

    I saw the thumbnail and I was like "who dafuq's this guy?"
    I missjudged you man. Stay awesome

  19. thejompi says:

    "The person who created beef wellington was not good on the head" Akis Petretizikis

  20. Justin Huang says:

    his voice makes me want to kms

  21. Holy shit you are hideous.

  22. sophia L says:

    saludos desde Perú

  23. Zenn Exile says:

    Tasty mostly reaches thousands of people… and that "vegetarian" dish, has egg and cheese in it. Are you retarded?

  24. joker says:

    why cant this self lovish idiot shut up

  25. Sly Condes says:

    That beef is not cooked…

  26. why did he talk like he was being interviewed for a job at tasty?

  27. David says:

    Is this guy reading a valedictorian speech?

  28. Yanchik 15 says:

    Why that meat looks raw inside after cooking??? Yakkk🤔🤔🤔

  29. Tate C.K. says:

    Thith ith a great rethipe

  30. mmm says:

    I am the show stopping dinner

  31. So beffwelington (if thats how you spell it ) hows it been?

  32. yahomie eve says:

    "And nothing impresses a crowd more than a huge piece of meat" lmaooo

  33. Valerie D says:

    Damn it Matthew when you talk about your love of cooking, it is exactly how I feel too. I'm happy for you that you successfully followed the dream even though I couldn't

  34. Hieu Le says:

    More like heart stopping

  35. KikoTheBoss says:

    That'h thho cool


  36. Bottom line: ya don't.

  37. Hola amigo….. saludos desde los angeles 😉😉😉😉😉🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  38. Henry M says:

    Grilled cheese with ham is called misto quente 😂

  39. Can someone tell me why the beef is wrapped with string?

  40. I like making Asian-Fillipino inspired meals. Good video 🙏

  41. hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy

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