3 easy pakoda recipe – onion pakora, corn pakoda, cabbage pakoda | easy evening snacks

onion pakoda recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/onion-pakoda-recipe-kanda-bhaji/
corn pakoda recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/corn-pakoda-recipe-corn-bhajiya/
cabbage pakoda recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/cabbage-pakoda-recipe-cabbage-bhajiya/


onion pakoda recipe | onion pakora | eerulli bajji | kanda bhaji | onion bhaji with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a fried snack or deep fried onion fritters prepared with chickpea and rice flour coating with other spices. pakora recipe is a common snack recipe prepared across all states of india and is typically known with local names. in kannada it is known as eerulli baje, kanda bhaji in marathi and vengaya pakoda in tamil.

corn pakoda recipe | sweet corn pakora | corn bhajiya recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. it is a simple and crispy sweet corn based fritters or pakora recipe prepared mainly with chickpea flour and rice flour. it is an side dish while having your dal rice for lunch or it can be perfect evening snack with a cup of masala chai.

cabbage pakoda recipe | cabbage bhajiya | cabbage fritters recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a mouth watering deep fried fritters recipe prepared from shredded cabbage leaves mixed with beasn and other spices. an ideal party starters / appetizer or simply can be used for evening snack with masala chai.


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    nice recipe mam.thankuuu so much

  3. Magic of amazing brain n hands, mouthwatering recipes ,oh god

  4. Sana Shaikh says:

    so yummy dishes for ramzaan

  5. Shwetha Br says:

    Tried corn pakoda, ppl please don't try it. It didn't taste good. Crispy corn is better than pakoda.

  6. S Nil says:

    CAN YOU PLEASE "SHOW YOURSELF" We all want to see who's the lovely talented lady behind all these magnifiq dishes💕🎷💕🎷💕🎶💕

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    So yummy….my mouth is watering

  8. TQ madam…for u r simple recipe procedures 😍

  9. I am from Udupi. In my childhood we use to bring this onion crspy bajji from hotel. I remember that they frist mix only salt and leave it for 15 minutes then add all these ingredient. Can you try

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