Bikaneri Paratha Recipe | ज़टपट बीकानेरी भुजिया पराठा | School Lunch box Recipe

Hello Friends…Today we are making very new very tasty Bikaneri Bhujiya Paratha Recipe. This Paratha recipe is very easy and tasty for school Lunch box. This Paratha go well with Dahi, Curd, Chutney, Curry or tea. Bikaney Bhujiya is very famous in Rajasthan. This paratha is very spicy and full with cheese…this is very unique recipe than Aloo paratha, our children will love this recipe. this is perfect for Kids-and Breakfast also.
Make this recipe today and enjoy this Bikaneri Bhujiya Paratha.
सभी के जीवनमे सुख शांति और स्वास्थ्य बना रहे यही मंगल कामना
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16 Responses

  1. Very tasty and yummy

  2. Jash Kholiya says:

    tempting paratha it

  3. Tasty besty paratha…..

  4. Mital Thakar says:

    Yammy & very nice recipe

  5. testy n. new option in paratha list..thank u..

  6. આલુ કા પરાઠા તો સુનાથા લેકિન ઔર એક નયા સવાદ મજા પડી ગઈ

  7. Thank you all dear friends

  8. बहुत बढ़िया, कुछ नया हो जाए

  9. Tasty..chatpati..irresistible..

  10. Lajawab Paratha…,👌👌

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