Cabbage Salad Recipe – healthy salad recipes – easy recipes – healthy salad recipes for weight loss

This Cabbage Salad recipe is a perfect addition to your healthy salad summer recipes. I love simple recipes like this that can be made quickly and without the need to use a stove. If you are looking for healthy salad recipes for weight loss, this one is perfect, you can modify it as you wish to fit your needs and ingredient availability.

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  1. That salads beautiful. Im making that for dinner tonight

  2. i dont even like cabbage but this guy makes it look good sheesh!

  3. You live in Florida, but you're from Long Island, NY , right? It's the accent. I'm waiting for the day you say, "Diamond Ring." LOL.

  4. Saucier's says:

    mmmmmmm great video looks Delicious please tell me what you think of ours i liked and subscribed to you also 🙂

  5. Oh it looks perfect! Healthy,looks good, budget friendly. Thanks.👌🏻

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