Breakfast & Lunch Ideas for Office|Kids Tiffin box recipe|What do I pack for my husband’s lunch box

Hello everone. In today’s recipe we show you simple & easy way of preparing breakfast along with basic meal plan for office lunch box. We have shown the preparation of instant rava mix which can be used to prepare idli,appam and upma as well.I normally prepare this mix on weekends which helps me lot in preparing breakfast during weekdays saving a lot of time.I also cut the vegetables previous night which makes work more hassle free.The dough for chapati can be prepared & stored in fridge. Bhendi masala is very tasty & simple recipe prepared using very few spices. Vangi bhath is again a delicious rice recipe which i prepare atleast once in a week. Buttermilk is optional. If I find free time then I prepare it or I normally skip it.Spices may be varied according to your choice.We hope you like this lunch box vlog recipe.Please like,share & subscribe maximum .Wewould love to hear from you ,please comment below.Thank you.
chapati dough preparation :
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