Hello and welcome back to my channel. Today I am doing a grocery haul for our family of 5. This is our weekly shop and the food I bought will last us for 5 meals, all our lunches, breakfasts and snacks too. We tend to only do food shops for 5 days as otherwise we can end up wasting food.

MONDAY- ‘Picky Picky Meal’ Antipasti, Meats, Bread, Salad etc as my sister and her boyfriend came over to watch the football.

TUESDAY- Chicken and Chorizo Fajitas for us, snacky tea for the children as Wren gets cooked meal at nursery.

WEDNESDAY- Chicken, Pepper and Chorizo Risotto (it’s Jon’s Recipe he has made up and it is delicious)

THURSDAY- Cornflake Chicken Goujons, Sweet Potato Fries and Veg

FRIDAY- Omlettes

SATURDAY- Make your own pizzas

PS would love to know what you are having for meals this week- I always lack inspiration, comment below what you are having!

Thanks as always for subscribing to my channel and for liking and commenting my videos- I am so grateful to you all! x








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34 Responses

  1. Carly Boote says:

    Weekly shop 😱😱 I’m so used to you going every day 😂😂😂 Loved this, love being nosey!!! Xxx

  2. I was waiting for another one of these from you!

  3. Always like watching grocery hauls and meal plans to get some ideas so hope you'll do more of these. Xxx

  4. kelly barlow says:

    Loved it! Gotta ask, what nail polish are you wearing.

  5. Emma Betsy says:

    I like when you do these videos as it gives me ideas. I like that you know what you are having every day. We are having chicken & bacon pasta with mushroom sauce and garlic bread tomo! It would be nice if Jon could share his cornflake chicken recipe at some point. X

  6. Wish my shopping cost that much. My gluten free stuff bumps the price up. Can’t really complain, at least it exists 😊 hope you enjoyed the match Katie ⚽️xx

  7. Aileen Burke says:

    Love these videos😃

  8. Rachel Fairs says:

    Love getting ideas for what to do for dinner, feel like I get stuck in a rut sometimes x

  9. Love these type of videos. You have got us into fajitas too, I am on slimming world so we use sugar free fajita seasoning from JD Seasonings. Will definitely try tortilla pizza 🍕 we went to Costco the other week where can buy in bulk and saw big things of chicken breasts and thought of you xx

  10. Sarah Stead says:

    Love this type of video. Would love to see a video of Jon making his risotto and cornflake dippers. We had chicken curry fried rice last night (Joe Wicks recipe), mushroom stroganoff tonight (recipe from Gousto) and tomorrow Jools Oliver’s chicken curry- so delicious. I make my own pizzas too but use bbc good food recipe to make the base and it comes out really thin so doesn’t taste doughy. Can’t believe how much cheaper it is to make your own pizzas!!

  11. I love ur grocery haul videos xxxxx

  12. Love these type videos. Do you make pack lunches for the girls? They are also a video that is popular what my child have for lunch etc. Would love to see that x

  13. Really enjoy these kinds of videos and love how you explain what everything is for. So often people just say I've bought this and that. But not tell us what the meals are!
    This week we are having chilli, stew, risotto, lasagna, fish pie & homemade pizza 🙂

  14. Loved this Katie. More of these would be great. x

  15. I love these videos there one of my favourites❤️❤️

  16. Tiffany Read says:

    Loved the video, always looking for ideas for meals for our family.
    Would also be interested to know if you would do a post or video on ideas of what to do with the kids in the summer holidays? If that's of any interest to you 🙂

  17. I've just started up slimming world & I'm always on the hunt for new recipes or meal ideas because it's so easy to get stuck in rut with meals, I would love to see some videos of the meals you cook, like maybe a week of dinners with a 'Cook with me'. a long winded video idea, but I can imagine I'm not the only one that would enjoy it!

  18. Kirsty Leigh says:

    I blooming love your food hauls!! Xx

  19. Susan Simon says:

    Love these kind of videos. Will like to see a meals for the week video.

  20. Helen Baker says:

    Yes love these videos, really interesting/useful for meal ideas and lunches etc. Thanks! X

  21. A video on Jon’s risotto would be good, I’ve never made it but would love to give it a go. ❤️

  22. Love grocery hauls and it's good to pinch few meal ideas saves being stuck in a rut x

  23. I'm at uni so cook meals every night. I sometimes find it difficult to decide what to have!! But a few things I make are spaghetti carbonara, bolognese, curry, fish, chicken (cooked in maggi so juciy, google it or look out in supermarket its so nice!) pizza wraps and salads. Xxxx

  24. Erin Smith says:

    These are my favourite videos!!

  25. sarav7888 says:

    Love this type of video for dinner ideas.
    We're having:
    Monday: Spanish omelette & salad
    Tuesday: courgette, sweet potato & chickpea curry with rice
    Wednesday: Moroccan chicken (chicken, onions, apples, prunes, Moroccan spice)
    Thursday: rice with mushrooms for hubby and with green beans for me
    Friday: snacky mezze – falafel, different homemade hummus, pitta bread, etc
    Saturday: ?? To be decided
    Sunday: bbq with friends (weather permitting)

  26. Jayne Crouch says:

    I have started making Jons risotto after his little demo on your last foodie video! it's so easy and delish! I make Jamie Oliver's sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry at least once a week it's a fave in our house and really easy to make! And it's a veggie dish so saves a bit of money on buying meat! X

  27. Love videos like this, is that all the milk you go through with the kids and all? I have to get about 20 pints for us and the kids, that's seems like a lot now I think about it haha! Xxx

  28. This was so helpful! Moving to the UK at the end of the year with our family of 4 and this gave a really good indication of what we could get with our budget and I know we’ve got a tesco near where we are. Love your channel xx

  29. Yay I’ve been waiting and waiting for another one of these from you!

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