Village Cooking: 3 Easy Eggs Recipe, Eggs Gravy, Egg Fried, Eggs Paste by Village Food Life

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Mom going to Show 3 Easy Eggs Recipe, Eggs Gravy, Egg Fried, Eggs Paste Recipe. It’s Indian Delicious Recipe of Bengali, Bengali People Loves to Eat this with Rice. It’s Testy Spicy Traditional Village Food of Kolkata, West Bengal, India and Bangladesh.

Village Food Life always try to show you How Villager Live Life in India and Bangladesh. Also its a Village Food Factory of India or Indian Bengali Kolkata Food Factory Channel.

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  3. একটা মাঠির চুলা নেন দেখতে সুনদর লাগবে

  4. joya akther says:

    nice api tumakey na onk valo lagey

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    Eid Mubarak 🌛🌺khob valo hoise 👍🍳

  6. Ywen Ywenk says:

    I feel so hungry when watching ur videoo
    From: MALAYSIA🇲🇾🇲🇾

  7. Darun Ekebare fatafati recipe but Kotodin por ekhane kal haser Dim khelam 😊👌👌

  8. Hello Village Food Life, really nice egg recipe!

  9. Wao so yummy anti g or di apka thek name kya he or kahan thi itne din .
    Zubi from pakistan

  10. Nice.
    Eta ki Bangladesh??

  11. Shahin says:

    I feel so hungry when watching ur videoo
    From: uk

  12. Anjali singh says:

    Didi kollcatae kato garom podechhe

  13. deliciouss:-)beijo:-)brazil

  14. Hi Mom, the egg recipes look really yummy especially the egg curry😋🌺

  15. গরম গরম ডিম ভাজি আমার ও খুব পছন্দের ।🤗😋👍

  16. Diana Giles says:

    Oh yummy i love duck eggs and these recipes look yummy😍

  17. Apu tomake khub tired lagtece.

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