Chicken & Kale with Oyster Sauce | Recipe | Easy Asian Home Cooking

This simple stir-fried recipe is perfect for a weeknight dinner.

While kale isn’t used commonly in Chinese food, as a fast-cooking vegetable that doesn’t release too much liquid, it is perfect for stir-frying at home.

Here’s the full recipe:


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15 Responses

  1. This appears to be exactly as you said, a simple and flavorful stir fry. Interesting how you said kale isn't traditional, because I would never think to use kale that way. I'll definitely give this a try in my next variation of stir fry.

    Thank you

  2. Such useful tips on making a good stir fry! I like the idea of boosting flavours rather than defining them with the seasoning… I'll be using these principles you've taught us in the near future! Thank you!

  3. Love your videos Adam. Not only some great recipes but always learn something. Always wondered why recipes call for minced garlic when it usually burns in a few seconds.

  4. Food Time' says:

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  5. Tex Rexy says:

    I like his tv show

  6. D.J. Jun says:

    Any recipes with chicken breasts? Or maybe turkey? Currently on a diet. Love your videos!

  7. Wonderful videos as always, keep it up!

  8. Robert Black says:

    Let's be honest though, this tasted mostly of garlic

  9. Looks amazing, can’t wait to try it on the weekend! First things first…buy a wok!

  10. Aaron Lien says:

    Adam, the way you describe food.. I sincerely think you should consider food critic as an alternate career path. Cheers mate..

  11. Alson Wong says:

    Hello..what is this wok made of?

  12. Ian Chamblee says:

    Oooooo that'll keep your Yang up. Long live the Yang.

  13. testtest says:

    nice luminor panera

  14. winnitaqi says:

    You are the first youtuber I ever watched mensioned the core of the cantonese kitchen in English. We eat for the original taste of the elements/ ingredients, not the sauce. Good job!

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