My 10 Top Healthy Snacks & Lunches, Quick, Tasty Ideas for on the Go, Work, Home

I am now eating much healthier now that I started this YouTube channel. I use to sit at my desk blogging & craving junk food but no more! Now I have found healthy, tasty food snack choices, vegetables, fruit & treats that have low calories & are perfect when I am at home, on a work assignment or on the go. Although this channel is great for men & women over 50, this How To vlog & video would be good for anyone looking to lose weight or be healthier in their 30s or 40s. It only takes a few days for a new idea to become a habit and since most of these recipes can be done fast, in less than 5 minutes they should be good for a man or woman looking to each right. I hope you enjoy my Top 10 snack treats & light lunch suggestions & it puts you on a better path to a healthy lifestyle. Here is a link back to my blog where some of these products are listed


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23 Responses

  1. Hi, it's Heather…to view some of the items or similar ones in this video, you can find them in my blog

  2. debrtx says:

    Super! Never tried making fresh popcorn in microwave, only on the stove. Going to try making it in my microwave. I sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on popcorn. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Keri Ludwig says:

    I love all the different flavors of Triscuits out there. I only eat a handful with a little bit of cheese and I am good to go. Satisfies all my cravings. My appetite has gone way down as I am getting older, which is such a good thing! Another great video…thanks guys!

  4. Psyche W says:

    The quality of food we put in our bodies definitely affects our quality of life. Great suggestions! I don't have a microwave though. I pop real kernels in a pot on the stove. Takes oil but there's nothing wrong with healthy fat in our diets. Drinking water is brilliant. Jillian Michaels once said "Don't drink your calories!" I've never forgotten that. Breakfast smoothies are a happy exception. And wine, if just one glass…. lol <3

  5. A square of dark chocolate is my favorite especially when I have a craving for sweets…the darker, the better! Another great video!

  6. I love love love smoothies! I usually go straight to the produce aisle for my snacks while hubby invades the chips & ice cream aisles. You made some great suggestions, think I'll try some of them alongside the fruit & the smoothies.

  7. MegaJansue says:

    Great ideas…I love dark chocolate. I have a little Snoopy dog house my granddaughter gave me that pops popcorn in the microwave. Have a wonderful week!!!

  8. Avacados are a favorite….right up there with dark chocolate. I measure the portions of what I eat, which helps!

  9. I was munching on the Terrea chips as I was watching this.. Funny it was one of your 10.. I loved this video!!

  10. Joan E says:

    I forgot how much fun it was to pop real kernel popcorn! I'm putting that one into my rotation Heather~ 🌹

  11. Kim wade says:

    I like oatcakes, low fat and you can also get a gluten free version.

  12. Muttonstyle says:

    I've recently found lentil chips and they are so addictive.

  13. Heather, I loved this video!! My husband and I have eaten all of the healthy snacks that you talked about in this video!!
    I see you have a Vitamix, we do too!! We make delicious fruit smoothie's too!!
    It's a great machine!! We definitely feel better and have more energy eating that way. Thank you for your wonderful videos! You and Bill do a fantastic job. I also love your precious dog, Hurricane! Sure will look forward to watching more of your informative videos!! Thank you both for all of your hard work that goes into making these great videos!!❤️

  14. Thank you for sharing,its 9 minutes passed 11 pm at.night and boy you are making me hungry lol,you got some great ideas.Thank you

  15. Donna says:

    Love a terrific smoothie but for a road trip it’s always dark chocolate covered almonds to keep us happy & alert. Thanks for all the good ideas.

  16. You should read up on the way they make baby carrots, you will never buy them again

  17. with salsa and tostitoes you can have regular yogurt instead of sour cream, delicious

  18. We just found the Vanilla carbmaster yogurt at Kroger’s and we have it over berries. Soo yummy 😋

  19. Beth Brown says:

    Hi sweet Hurricane♥♥♥ Heather,Bill….. another great video! TY

  20. I love your eye makeup . You look amazing!

  21. Hello AWESOME ONES!!! Excellent video. I do a lot of the things that you're doing, Heather. I'm a foodie, I love good healthy foods. I eat a variety of veggies, fruits, nuts&seeds, lean meats&fish, beans/legumes, smoothies, herbal teas&different flavor teas. We drink kale smoothies with fruits & veggies about 3-4times a week. We've substituted zucchini for our rice&noodle dishes. I drink close to a gallon of water a day, it's my favourite beverage; I add lemon or lime slices to my water. I cut my salt intake down when I was in my late-teens. I wanted to really taste my food, not mask it. I've had stomach problems my whole life, so I reevaluated my eating habits. I'm lactose intolerant & I have problems with high cholesterol. Blood pressure has always been right on target & occasionally a little low. For the most part, my health is pretty good. I was raised on freshly grown foods, home-cooked meals; meals made from scratch. My Mom is an AWESOME cook&baker. I'm always reading up on nutritional information. I want to go&have a session with a Nutritionist, especially now that I'm older. Hi Hurricane, precious little buddy. Thank you for sharing, be well.:)

  22. I used to have a yorkie named Prince, he was literally addicted to Milk Bone dog biscuits! I had to stop buying them. Thank you for the healthy tips.

  23. I love this video! I've never heard of maple syrup on popcorn! Is that a Canadian thing, eh? 😂
    I love to freeze blueberries and grapes and eat them frozen! Super yummy!

    Sometimes I forget ideas like these so I'm glad you made this video! I tend to get in a rut and eat the same things over & over.

    I think the key here is to make things convenient for yourself by preparing ahead of time in snack size portions. 😋

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