Healthy Summer Recipes ( VEGAN )

Simple, healthy, and refreshing summer recipes that I love!

Give this video a like if you would want to try on of these recipes!

Thank you for watching!

Scandinavianz – Sunny Island

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9 Responses

  1. izwhat itiz says:

    I love your watch !! (and the recipes of course thanks for the inspiration) ❤️

  2. reedo73 says:

    All 3 recipes look scrumptious..thank you! 👍👏

  3. I'll most definitely be making these recipes!!! Especially the ice lollies!!!❄️

  4. Love it, thanks TIa, will be needing these this summer!

  5. nacra 15 says:

    Super yummy recipes thanks Tia.
    One question a lot of us have been wondering is where did you get the dress you wore in your last video?. The black flower-ish one. 💗 so much love

  6. mmm some tastey recipes there…curious to your take on alcohol consumption, I feel like you probably don't drink, but was curious?

  7. Where do you buy your passion fruit from? I'm from the same area and looking for some 🙂

  8. Sina Blanco says:

    YAY!!! I'm glad you made the popcicles 🙂

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