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  1. Delicious!!!! And the stars of the video of course, beautiful as always. 👑👑👑

  2. Sou do Brasi🇧🇷l gosto de ver essas senhoras cozinhando ❤onde elas moram?

  3. Thank you for another wonderful video! I wish you would show us how you position, secure and use that big cutting blade. I've never seen anything like that until your videos. Thanks again!

  4. king Garreth says:

    Glad mom is back, how about a garden and house tour?

  5. Missed your smile so happy to see u and your grandbabies r beautiful

  6. Laura B. says:

    The youngest Princess is BEYOND Adorable!! You can tell she Loves Life!⚘The eldest Princess is Beautiful! I just Love her mannerisms!!!💕 Grandma, you look so pretty in your summer dress! Thank you for sharing your family with us viewers!🍓🌻🍅🍊🍐

  7. NaturalHI says:

    Is this in India? I ask because I had no idea that taro grew in India. We have taro also called “kalo” here in Hawaii.

  8. Such cute little Girls&Food Looks Awesome!!Would Love to eat your Cooking!! 💜

  9. Yg Comm says:

    Only now i know dis taro root oso can cook in curry dishes..looks yummy

  10. Wow much better they have especial table now they cute

  11. loku achchige iwum'pihum kepum krama saha piliwela
    me pawule katawath pihitana ekak ne maye hithe

  12. Adoro seus vídeos!!! Mi dar agunia este 🔪 de cume para cima!!

  13. Este lugar é lindo!!!

  14. Linda Cook says:

    awwww…We've seen Lesandi being fed by grandma in the older videos and now she's feeding herself. So cute.

  15. Many thanks to your mother for showing us how she cooks taro root! Respect! Say hello to Grandma! I enjoy your videos very much!

  16. Nancy Greene says:

    Looks very delicious. Great video.

  17. noitalfed says:

    The girls have a great way of expressing their appreciation. Very timely video as I am looking to include more Taro in my diet.

  18. The greatest part of this video is 1:13.

  19. Betty Arel says:

    I live in America. Where would I find tarot?

  20. Betty Arel says:

    The two little girls are so cute and they have pretty dresses.

  21. Hello Jaxs says:

    Food looks wonderful and those baby girls are adorable.

  22. nena420ful says:

    Thanks mom! 👍👍👍

  23. Faizq Muqeem says:

    Very sweet girl.bless u darling 😙😚😚😚🍦

  24. JoAnn Wiley says:

    Those little girls are so adorable!!!

  25. Dana Gordon says:

    I've seen that root in Jamaica and thought it was some sort of yam

  26. Love to see these two girls eating.Very cute

  27. அருமை

  28. Love it all natual foods!! That's why these little girls are so of life & looking very healthy & lets give some hands 🙌🙌to the grandmama…shes so full of life & energy look at her pick up that platter of them things. We know they weigh a lot geez i cant even get my 60 yr old mother to cook. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  29. Mrs. Sewell says:

    It's nice to see your mom cooking. I love both your mom and grandma.

  30. sarah ann says:

    Hi grandma…love you all..❤❤❤
    So sweet seeing these two cutest little girls eating their food hehe…

  31. so nice grandma 👍👍👍

  32. Kathy cox says:

    Looking good grandma, the girls are getting so big.

  33. Angela G says:

    Love this❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. looks good this time *

  35. Good to see mum back, hope she is fine. Your older girl is really looking like mum 👍🏼 Thank you.

  36. Natalie Wunn says:

    I once had these and my throat started itching so bad.. thought I was gonna die.. 😂
    Maybe it wasn't cooked properly..

  37. Jeanne Khun says:

    I love look you cooking 💋 your little daughter are so cute 💋💋

  38. trini says:

    You should also try this and substitute the curry spices for some bandanya and thyme. Goes well with a saltfish and tomato salsa.

  39. helena sousa says:

    Yammmy 😋😋😋

  40. Selvi Selvi says:

    Superb and simply cooking awesome one 👌👌👌👍

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