Jackfruit Seed Curry কঠালৰ গুটিৰ তৰকাৰী Simple & Easy recipe in Assamese by Ankita Kalita

In this video you will know how to make Jackfruit Seed Curry… It’s a simple & delicious recipe to be served with Rice, Roti, Puri etc.

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20 Responses

  1. Dhunia hoise Ankita baa

  2. RJ Tech says:

    Moja but moi nakhaw aibur

  3. X phukon says:

    kothalo guti puri u khabo pare… mojaa lge abr khai sbo

  4. Congratulations for 1k subscriber ba….moi apunar video bor sai thaku val lage…keep it up…👍👍

  5. RJ Tech says:

    Baa apunar lgt kotha asile YouTube r bikhoye. So muk cntc korok.

  6. Seems delicious. When am I getting to taste the dish??

  7. অকিতা বা কালি লাইভত বহুত বহুত ভাল লাগিছে

  8. Aji rati moi bonam Ru Khai loi ako cmnt dim Baru kenekua lagel

  9. Moiu try krim 😆😆

  10. bhrigu das says:

    Eman ulta pulta recipi dhei….. Akbrete nhl a.

  11. Anjuma Ahmed says:

    বহুত ভাল লাগিছে

  12. bah barhiya bonaisa ba

  13. bhut vl lagise ankita ba..mi xdai Sao 2mr resipi

  14. Kothalor guti t koi apunk base vll lgese de

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