Off Grid HAWAII GARDEN Morning ↣ 2 Easy Sauerkraut Recipes

A slow Sunday morning in our garden, picking papayas, weeding pineapples, making ferments for a healthy belly ~

♡ Meagan & Evan

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42 Responses

  1. MOON & ROCK says:

    loving all of you!! ✌🏼

  2. Simple Sunday morning garden time is life <3 I’ve never tried white pineapple but now I want to!

  3. Growing beautifully together, Meagan 🌸🥑👶🏼

  4. I had white pineapple on kauai a few months ago, soo sweet and delicious. A special treat compared to the imported acidic pineapples we get here on Vancouver island.

  5. Wren B says:

    Miigwech, thank you for sharing. Your voice is so soothing. Greetings, from Nipissing territory in northern Ontario, Canada.

  6. anna Watson says:

    Air, wind and rain is all orchids need.

  7. I love you two soooo much!! You inspire me a lot just by being yourself. That's so precious xxx

  8. What a feeling it must be to enjoy the food planted and grown under your watchful eye and on your own land.

  9. holisticmaya says:

    Ahhh this was amazing and so calming. Your home looks like absolute paradise! You mentioned a durian orchard… did you find that already planted when you moved in or did you start it? You’re so gorgeous by the way!

  10. Dylan T says:

    How much salt do you add to the slaw?

  11. holisticmaya says:

    I had white pineapple when I was in Central America but honestly it wasn’t as good as you described it! It wasn’t as flavourful or as sweet as yellow pineapple, of course, the ones that I ate in countries where it actually grows (like Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, etc…) it was 10000x better than the imported ones I get here in Canada!

  12. Joe Pearson says:

    Darn it, just got to the wilderness to sleep outside in the woods a few nights and can't get the vid to play out here, lol, will have to wait. Looking forward to it as I was just thinking of trying to make some for the first time and even set out a big jar for it. Thanks for this.

  13. I'm guessing those are special lids to ferment for mason jars, may I ask where you got them?

  14. kmzan says:

    Hi Meagan! Are there books that you’ve read about pregnancy that you can share or tips that you might wanted to know before getting pregnant?
    And also why is that you can’t eat a lot greens while pregnancy?
    I’m pretty new in the vegan and curious about pregnancy 🙂 so.. why not ask haha

  15. Hayley says:

    Thank you!!! love this so much, trying out the slaw soon

  16. y s says:

    I tried a white pineapple from my host family's forest farm in Costa Rica. It's divine!

  17. Wotiluv says:

    Beautiful 🦋 as always.

  18. Thank you for sharing 🙂 x

  19. alexa1068 says:

    Love your videos. Our lives are so completely different but I enjoy seeing life through your eyes. Refreshing

  20. Where did you get those gorgeous tall candles from???Are they natural???

  21. meagan i love this video so much🌿 where do you buy your clothes they are all so lovely ✨

  22. Rox icado says:

    Beautiful Video as always 😍 I am always so inspired by your beautiful content.
    How much salt do you use for the Kraut?

  23. Theo G says:

    This might be a weird question, but do you ever hurt your feet walking barefoot outside? I want to do it more often to connect with nature more, but I'm always so worried about getting hurt. D:

  24. Puck Jackie says:

    Your video's always make me feel zen and happy <3 mahalo <3

  25. Raw Lion says:

    I love mint plants, are the easy to grow? There is spot I visit on my lunch break and I was surprised to see the mint flowering and the bees and butterflies were all over it 🐝🐞🐛! It was beautiful to see. I love butterflies and saw four different types in one day. Do you get many butterflies in Hawaii?

  26. Adina D. says:

    You guys looks so beautiful together 😍 and that place.. literally amazing.
    Thank you for the recipes, you're the best 😊

  27. Jessibaby901 says:

    😍 sending positive nuturing vibrations to yall mama!

  28. Lau Maia says:

    What's the matter with the sound/microphone? It sounds really weird in the beginning

  29. I love your videos. The favorite morning for me is eating fruit and watching you guys, haha. Or sit in nature. But watching you guys are seriously so inspirational for me. I love the easy, calming and grounding mood <3 Much love

  30. Jessibaby901 says:

    You're right papaya has enzymes papain, amylase, and protease. They're amazing for digestion but also used to tone and contract the uterus.

  31. Emily Brewer says:

    This was beautiful and inspiring! I have always hoped to one day find a partner who would live a life like this with me. It is lovely to see people living with such respect to the earth and things around them. Rooting for your orchids to grow!!

  32. Loved the birds chirping in the background. Lovely garden – so happy for you both! V. much rooting for those orchards. I'm Russian, & my family has been fermenting every kind of vegetable imaginable from our garden, & then storing the glass jars w/ those fermented veggies in addition to 'sugared' fruit/berries (to turn into jam) in the cellar to use up during the cold winter months).
    Oh, and beets are definitely my go to food (if I need) to improve digestion, even though I wish they tasted a tad better (I usually combine them w/ finely minced garlic, carrots & potatoes for a more palatable experience;)) Thanks for sharing! Enjoying your channel immensely.

  33. Gorgeous garden!! ❤️

  34. Betwisty says:

    What kind of covers do you use for the Kraut..those don't look like regular lids?? how do they work??

  35. I'm getting so jealous by seeing all these yummy fruits😍😢

  36. Lala Rivers says:

    if you take all the lines off before they ripen the tree will get twice as big for next season with twice as many fruit 🙂 it's overusing it's power to produce fruit right now and not allowing enough energy to go to growing it's size. if you know this already then completely disregard!

    PS hope you and Evan and your little babo are doing swell 💜

  37. Sanne says:

    Having my own land and growing my own veggies sounds so beautiful and serene and challenging too! Setting an intention to have that in my future (:

  38. Hales says:

    i adore this. so dreamy.

  39. ILoveYou says:

    Gurl do you have women around you during your pregnancy for support??

  40. You’re so genuinely beautiful, inside & out! ❤️

  41. rebekahsjs says:

    Ohhhhh loves 🌙 ☀

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