Lazy & Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas!

Get excited for some new lazy vegan recipes! Here we’ve got 3 simple, healthy and easy to make plant based meals 🙂 Perfect for busy days as well.

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#1 Sweet Potato Hummus Sandwiches

1 small to medium sized sweet potato
2 heaping tablespoons hummus
the juice of 1 lime
salt, pepper to taste if needed
4 pieces of whole wheat or spelt bread
greens of choice
1 avocado
1 small red onion, cut into thin slices
2 tbsp cashew cream*, optional

→ serves 2

* Cashew Cream

⅓ cup cashews (50g)
¼ cup non dairy milk (60ml)
a pinch of salt

→ let the cashews soak overnight
→ drain cashews
→ blend together with non dairy milk and salt; you might have to scrape down the sides a few times
→ transfer to a jar and store in the fridge

#2 Creamy Roasted Tomato Pasta

1/2 cup cashews, soaked in water (~70g)
4-6 roma tomatoes
1 medium sized red onion
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp melted coconut or olive oil
1 tsp Italian seasoning
a pinch of salt
~ 250 g whole grain pasta (8 oz)
2 tbsp nutritional yeast + more for the top
⅓ cup basic store bought tomato sauce OR passata (80ml)
½ cup unsweetened non dairy milk (125ml) + more if needed
a splash of water to thin out the sauce, optional
*forgot to mention but salt and pepper to taste, if needed!

→ serves 2-3

#3 Watermelon Avocado Salad

1 small watermelon, cut into bite size chunks
1-2 avocados
1-2 handfuls of arugula
juice of 1-2 limes

→ serves 2

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  1. Mina Rome says:

    What's your go to lazy vegan meal? 🙂

  2. jack84 says:

    good job😃👍

    You're Awesome!! 🙂


  4. I luv your videos!!, they helped me with meals when I went vegan. Do u have any tips on how to grow a YouTube channel. I am not a mostly food channel like you are but do you have any tips because I want to get 200 subs in two months and I haven’t grown my channel much for how long I have had it, thank you if you read this 💓

  5. Very creative with the avocado and watermelon. Such unique flavors!

  6. josi says:

    ohh das sieht alles so verdammt gut aus, ich glaub ich weiß jetzt was ich die nächsten tage essen werde haha!!

  7. Juliana says:

    Mhmm im getting hungry watching this video 😍

  8. I love your work Mina, thank you. Do you have an ebook?

  9. Liana H says:

    Looks great! Thanks for using the metric system, I always go crazy with all those imperial measurements 😀

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  11. Mai Mohamed says:

    I love ur lazy meals👌😍

  12. Park Sofy says:

    I liked that Watermelon salad!!
    Going To try 👍

  13. I’m gonna be trying all these recipes asap because they’re simply phenomenal! Can’t go wrong with a bowlful of mac n cheese 👌🏼

  14. Love all your receipts x

  15. Is there anything you can replace cashews or nuts in general in this recipe?

  16. Nabiha Syed says:

    Does anyone else just look at the thumbnail and think it’s a LivB video? Then you click on the vid and you’re like oh never mind

  17. direkt gelikt, als ich gehört hab das im intro bilderbuch läuft. i like that! wörtlich haha. das video ist abgesehen davon wie immer mega!

  18. Wooo perfect recipes for these lazy summer days~~

  19. lera bright says:

    LOVED THIS VIDEO! thank you so much for sharing! x

  20. Michelle K says:

    Love your recipes 😃

  21. Mezasu says:

    3:28 that's a huge shallot
    red onion would be a different flavor (and more purple in color)

  22. need to try that watermelon salad… I’ll have to wait for summer though

  23. That watermelon salad😍😍😋😋

  24. This video is so nice looking! Great editing and delicious recipes 😀

  25. Paula Frank says:

    I looooove watermelon salad! the first time my mom came up with the recipe some years ago I was like umm na that sounds weird bit it has gotten my favorite food in summer! I love adding some black Olives and Mint as well

  26. frozenfrony says:

    love the music in the beginning😉

  27. Amazing recipes once again! So much inspiration to my own meals and videos 😊❤️

  28. For more laziness: put the sweetpotato in the Microwave: 5 min on the one and 5 min on the other side. Way faster 😊💗

  29. Kirthi H says:

    I know the watermelon and avocado salad is simple, but it looks so good. I hate salads, but maybe this is a good place to start?

  30. Lilly says:

    Oh da werd ich definitiv was davon nachmachen 😍

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