Aloo-Peyaj Bhaja—Easy, quick Bengali sauteed/fried potato recipe—Classic Rooti-Aloo Bhaja

Growing up in a Bengali household we always had some form of aloo bhaja with at least one of our day’s meals. This soft alu-peyaj bhaja isn’t the most delicious thing one can make with aloo, but it is quick to make and extremely versatile. This dry aloo bhaja can act like a dry alu’r torkari with rooti for breakfast. It can also be served as one of the sides with dal and torkari (vegetables). We would also have it with runny khichuri sometimes on rainy nights. On hot summer afternoons this is what we were served with panta bhaat.

The whole recipe takes 20 minutes to make and it is a keeper. After all, not all that we eat everyday has to be glamorous or even coveted. Some recipes are just monotonous and sustaining and we love them all the same.

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Jhuri Alu Bhaja:
Niramish Alu’r Dum:
Alu Sheddho:

Rooti: [coming soon]

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50 Responses

  1. Arthita Roy says:

    এত সিম্পল একটা রান্না, তাতেও ইনসিয়ার ডেডিকেশন দেখার মত

  2. Irish Sarkar says:

    Next week rotir video ta hoye jak
    Oshadharon laglo❤️

  3. Make some more videos on mutton recipe 😎

  4. Sometimes, to make a more wholesome meal I break an egg or two with this and quickly scramble it.

  5. Sneha G says:

    I consider this dish as my comfort food 😋

  6. Mousumi Pal says:

    Khub sundor…Ami vat dite khete beshi pochondo kori

  7. আপু রুটির রেসেপিটা দেন না

  8. S Kanjilal says:

    Next time 'Pach Phoron' diye baniyo dekho aaro tasty lagbe

  9. What nonsense is this????
    just have internet ,a good dslr camera and play some slow music cook whatever the fuck u want to……like potato fry and try to play the "bong" card ……
    o how to forget copy from other YouTube channels….
    absolutely nonsensical channel

  10. It looks yummy and quick n healthy meal to make.

  11. দিলখুশ করে দেয়া একটি উপহার 🌷

  12. easydls says:

    pui sak ghanto ki Kora jete pare?

  13. Tuli Sen says:

    darun..❤❤.amra alu vaja ar ek vabeo pochondo kori alu, post ar narkel diye. … 😌😌😌😌

  14. This is the first Bengali channel I m subscribing…..and the reason is just delicious indian food…thank you soo much for connecting with every citizen by youtube

  15. Its a very simple easy recipe!! Thanks

  16. আপনার হাতে জাদু আছে।এত সুন্দর পরিপাটি করে রান্না করেন।আমি কিছু রান্না করিনা কিন্তু তাও প্রত্যেকটা ভিডিও দেখি।😁

  17. শীতের সময় এতে ছোট ছোট করে কাটা ফুলকপি দিলে ….. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  18. দেখেইতো ইচ্ছে করছে রুটি ছিরে আলুভ।জ। ভরিয়ে মুখে পুরে দিই।
    জিভে জল আন। রেসিপি। 😋chirer polawer recipe hole khub valo hoi.

  19. Tomra everyday cooking mustard oil diye koro? USA te kon brand er mustard oil use koro ektu bolbe ki?

  20. vinay kumar says:

    Can you make one video about making roti's

  21. Do you guys stay outside India?

  22. Pink Mink says:

    Favourite through generations.

  23. আপু তোমার হাতের খাবার যেন অসাধারন আর এই আলু বাজি আমার প্রিয় খাবার আর রুটি আপু রুটি রেসেপিটা তারাতারি দেওনা প্লিজ

  24. alu gulo ato firm royeche kivabe!…tips ta dile khub valo hoy..amr to khali gole venge jay…khub sundor dekhte lagche tomader vaja ta…

  25. darun recipe, rojer jonne perfect but amar akta request achhe akdom kolkata street style jhal jhal spice fuchka recipe share korun na please.

  26. a true comfort food for a bengali…😊

  27. arpita ghosh says:

    Chicken ER kichu recipe chai😇😋😇😋

  28. Anamika Roy says:

    Satti choto belar kotha mone koria dile .Thanks a lot☺☺

  29. rahul das says:

    ছ্যাবলামি হচ্ছে

  30. A1971ize says:

    My favourite with roti…

  31. Awesome recipe but most attractive thing is your presentation which is very good. I like your video editing style. Everything is clear. thank you for sharing

  32. এর সঙ্গে একটা ডিম fetiye vajle সেই version টাও 😘😘

  33. Payel Raha says:

    Please make a video on knife skills.. 😊

  34. Oh!!! Thank you for reminding me this recipe. Bhulei giyechilam, chotobelar memory joriye ache ei recipe tar sathe. Kaal Sunday breakfast e etai hobe.

  35. এই রান্নাটার মজা হলো কতো কিছুর সঙ্গে যে খাওয়া যায়! রুটি, পরোটা, ডাল ভাতে মেখে বা মুড়ি দিয়ে, ফ্যানা ভাতে কাঁচালঙ্কা ডলে, পান্তাভাত,খিচুড়ি এমনকি এমনি এমনি বা চা দিয়েও।

  36. Love your videos… keep posting.. 🙂

  37. Onek onek dhonnobud ei recipe tir jonney.ei dhoroner bengali regular khabarer recipe opekkhae roilam

  38. Omg 😮 what a delicious recipe dear

  39. Looks very tempting…surely going to try this….!

  40. we used to spread a line of aloobhaja in a luchi and roll it. Oh and unrelated though, that reminds me of sugar and luchi roll. spread a line of sugar in luchi and roll it 🙂 You guys bring back such lovely memories 🙂
    Also, it's such a simple uncontroversial recipe with no hint of any -ism (racism, communalism, communism). Wonder what offended the 87 people who disliked it 😀

  41. Soumi Das says:

    Always my favorite

  42. Musur daal r ei bhaja . Kaal ei banabo

  43. srijit8227 says:

    white white luchi arr pate ektu bode…my Sunday is super hit…

  44. Porer videota ki fotano joler hobe ?

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