New Way of making Aloo Pakora, Aloo pakodi recipe, Batata Bhaji, crispy potato Fritters, quick snack

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Once you try this method of making aloo pakora you will never make it the old way.

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16 Responses

  1. Vignesh Siva says:

    As usual super 😍😍👌

  2. Wow nice receipe😍

  3. Harsha Modi says:

    Wow amazing l will make today.

  4. wow… this recipe is very new for me nd also testy

  5. elis says:

    pakooraaa 💃💃💃

  6. Ravi Jumani says:

    Awesome recipe. Will definitely try

  7. yash saini says:

    very nice.. Plz. Send recipe of hotdog

  8. A A says:

    So yummy it is….tried yesterday and finished in few minutes…

  9. Subbu K says:

    You are THE Cutest Goddess in this whole Cosmic Intelligence

  10. Subbu K says:

    I am commenting like this for the second time. It natural would imply I am talking MUSHY. I am NOT. Its just my spontaneous expression. …………………………………………………

    In Tamil Language such expressions are called "JOLLU". (Literally the dripping of saliva from the mouth). I am 60 years old and Single. I meant no offense.

  11. Much improvement in talking from last video…. .. keep it up.. 👍

  12. Sakshi Mehta says:

    Mouthwatering aunty

  13. Rekha Dubey says:

    This recipe is best for rainy season thanks for sharing this recipe we can quickly and instantly make it 😘😘😘

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