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  1. aliyaaify says:

    Ma shaa Allaah Nawaab sahaab,recipes looks yummy but the first ingredient I didn't understand,but will try,And Really like your location all these Birds,Thanks Nawaab Team and the sponsor,,,🐦🐦🐦🐥🌳🌴🍀

  2. which type of curry can be eat with tomato rice

  3. Parna Paggu says:

    Apke jaysa insaan ke wajayse hi hum sab kahete hai
    "Mera Bharat mahan

  4. Love you bhai…Good job…

  5. I learned many thing from your video. God bless you. Love you from Bangladesh.

  6. Jyothi M says:

    Sir mi numchi memu chala nerchukuntunnam thank u sir

  7. Jose Alonso says:

    Bhai- show your friends too who are working behind the camera, they also deserve some credit and respect , thank you 👍

  8. Shahina Khan says:

    Very delicious tomatoe rice with good cause MashaAllah.

  9. Assia Hala says:

    ماشاءالله 🍀تأجر إن شاء الله 🌸

  10. Mehul Mistry says:

    Very nice….. Is this Ramoji city in Hyderabad??

  11. Luv u bro.. Good job.. No religion for hunger..

  12. Tushar Raut says:

    Nice initiative bhai..

  13. wow awesome recipe👌👌👌

  14. Koni Nagi says:

    wow great work friend

  15. Food is LOVE 👈❤️

  16. It's looks delishes 🤗Allah bless you

  17. Those who sponsored stay blessed

  18. Keep it up 👌👌👌

  19. vegetarian meal. the cashews and coriander probably made it taste
    very good. thx for giving children a nourishing meal!😄


  20. THANKS😊😊😊☺

  21. khari bhanavo or video bhejo.

  22. monica S says:

    jst melt ma heart by seeing smile on der face .. god. bless u bhai ur dng such a grt work .. vry soon i vl donate some amount ..

  23. zubair Khan says:

    Mr.Khaja You can add quantity to the video title like 25 kg/50 litres/100 people to increase views and subscribers yor popular video (25 kg black forest cake) attracted a lot of views evry1 plz do support this channel its for a good cause…

  24. Macdeep says:

    Best of All , food looks divinely delicious

  25. ss sharma says:

    muh main pani a gaya

  26. Sadaf Syed says:

    Allah ap k rizaq me barqat Karay Ameen

  27. Aapko Salaam karte hai! Bas aap jo kar rahe ho bachchho ke liye woh la-jawaab hai !!!!

  28. My bow my head out of respect for you! You are a true Messiah!!

  29. Assalam Aleikum!! Bahut Khub!! Mere aankho mein paani bhar aaya yeh dekhke ki aap jaise farishtey abhi bi is duniya mein hain! Shayad isis liye is duniya itni khoobsoorat hai! Khuda khair kare!!! Insha-allah!!

  30. Riz Sam.t says:

    Asalamualaikum bhai .may Allah bless you

  31. Touhid s says:

    Assalam alaikum app bahut hi aacha kaam karte hai

  32. دعاء ء says:

    From Makkah we say thank you and your food delicious💕🤙🏻

  33. Please add kids hand wash scene before eat. It's very important. God bless you.

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